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It is holiday funtime and many of you are building stockings according to a quick sample that we have put together for our stocking sets. Here is a brief photo explanation of the Greek written in step 6!

Screenshot 13.12.2019 at 9.40.46 a.m.png

This is how the finished stockings look. The step-out photos show the cool frog stocking on the right:


Did you:

  • The right outer sides sewn together, the curves cut off, the right side turned outwards and well ironed?
  • Sewn together inside right, a small gap left in the trunk arch? (No need to cut curves or turn WST because it will always live RST)
  • Hanging tab with double fold and lockstitch sewn together?
  • Cuff sewn along the short edge and the wrong sides folded with the raw edge up? That means the fold is at the bottom, the raw edge is at the top?

If you answered yes to all four questions, do the following.

Place the cuff on the outer fabric with all edges up. I like aligning the seam of the cuff with the seam of the boot along the calf edge for a nicer finish. See next photo.

Put the needle heads out of the stocking in two places.


Push the hanging tab with the cut edges up (the loop points down) to the calf edge of the boot.


Enlarged view of the tab


Next, roll the toe on the outer shoe so that you can easily slide it into the inner shoe lining.


Push the outer shoe with the pinned cuff and tab into the inner shoe lining.


Confuse the liner and the outer shoe / cuff to align the cut edges and pin them together in four places to make sure you don't lose your tab! Make sure that the tab stays in place.


Sew at the top edges to secure all layers: lining, outside, cuff and flap. After sewing, pull through the bow of the lining.

Yayyyyy !!!!! You did it. I will add more detailed instructions. Scream if you have any questions!


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