To St. Louis and St. George Unschooling

We flew to St. Louis so Chris could go to a conference and work meeting. The rest of us explored some parts of the city.

The old buildings and large parks were beautiful. The city felt very friendly and relaxed. We went to the science center, planetarium and zoo, all in one huge park.

When Chris had a day off, we all went to the city museum, which was by far our favorite place, a huge building that was turned into art, and an endless playground that was mostly made from recycled building materials or factory materials. It had so many fascinating details as well as climbing and sliding opportunities everywhere. Even the birds enjoy it!

It was really amazing and the kids were pretty sad that we couldn't go while we were there.

Chris and I met some colleagues in the evening and it was really fun! He works with great people.

We flew home, went to nature classes, and then drove to St. George to meet my parents and sister for a few days.

We hiked a lot, went to a botanical garden, explored the ruins of an old mining town and the museum there, and celebrated Chris' birthday. There was an old charcoal stove and a fascinating mining museum. We found a hike that held onto a rope to cross a large rock with kicks, some of which were made long ago by indigenous people. It was very challenging, but it was fun.

We ended our trip to southern Utah with some dinosaur tracks. There are so many in the area that you will probably walk everywhere, but this was marked for us right next to the path.

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