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  • "Self-control is full presence. It is joy, it is trust, it is a positive part of our psychology that awakens us for the moment so that we can dance together now. "
  • If you are looking for ways to start the New Year properly and create lasting habits, learn how Presence changes everything.
  • "Life loses magic because we forget to bring the magic and intentionally experience it."
  • Watch the video to get the full workout.
  • Are you ready to double what you have done for 2020? Are you ready to embark on a life of reverence and purpose? This episode is a MUST to plan your New Year and recover your day!
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(The following is the full transcript of this episode of The Brendon Show.) Please note that in this episode, as in all TBS episodes, Brendon casually speaks The most watched self-help series with no script in YouTube's history with direct access to the camera. It was also the first iTunes-based podcast and is a regular podcast in the self-help and health world-wide podcasts for a free motivational podcast iTunes or Stitcher.)

Hello everyone! It is Brendon. Happy Holidays!

I know you are already thinking about your big year 2020 at this time of the year. I mean, you're starting a new decade. It is a new year and I know that many people are upset about it, but sometimes we need some important memories as we begin the next stage of our lives. Recently I had a session with my HPX coaching group – we call it HPX because it stands for High Performance Experience. In this coaching session, I talked about what you should think about 2020 and I thought I would play this for you. I thought you really enjoyed it.

I always tell people, "People around you do not want gifts, things like, what they want is presence." Their energetic dance right now with them, right here – that's presence. Being here now, but being here in awe and determination – that's what I think we have to work on.

Many people – yes, they are good at being here now, and they are careful, but they are still kind of shitty. What people want from us is presence. This full engagement in the minute we have this energy dance between us that is positive and awesome. That means we are in awe of each other. We are in awe of our lives.

I'll tell you what you just got today during this entire session: "I have to show up for my family and my team in a way that serves me more presence." This is a dance with the energy of the moment and that is positive and has real awe. "I tell you what life is all about, that's probably the difference of the next decade for you." For many people, the last decade was like this: Ah, it was like a march, it was a fight, it was a fight, it was consistent, fighting only in crises, and there was a lot of – out of these last four or five years – a lot of negative energy out there, a lot of political turmoil, a lot of economic turmoil around the world, lots of gadgets, lots of social media Torches and people are just there – as I've been traveling in recent months, I've noticed that the energy of the world continues to wane, that people are still dragged into the dark, that people are still in the ease of hate and the ease of division because those at our grassroots have the desire to be better than or to be protective, this is not a socio-political commentary, it is the psychology of man.

It's easy to be pulled into a darker energy. That is exactly what it is and for many people in recent years.

As we move into 2020, we must ask, "How can I do this with a more conscious awareness of the moment, of the opportunities I have for the ability to serve?"

And I think that will take a lot of practice and I think that could be one of your biggest goals for the next decade. Because I really believe that when I say "self-control" to people, they always think about discipline, concentration and productivity. I usually say, "Oh, self-restraint for me is what I've learned from our high-performance studies, full engagement."

It is joy, it is trust, it is a positive part of our psychology that awakens us for the moment so that we can dance together now.

You've ever been to a party and you're in a bad mood just saying, "I'm just not going to dance." And another time you went to a party and you were in a good mood and said, "I'm going to dance!" Well, is not it true that you were the same in both situations? You were just as bad at dancing. I mean, it's like I did that. Have a party, everyone is dancing. I am not in the mood. And at another party I'm in the mood. "Let's Dance!" And then I'm still dancing. I dance terribly. Many of you have seen it. Tens of thousands of you have seen me dance, but for me it's an attitude. That's the way I'm dealing right now. It is a presence.

I say, number one, we begin your planning process with awe. Here's Serendipity going on, here's coincidence going on, blessing is going on, literally a purpose is happening here, three meters away from me in this lens with you. There is a reason why you are here and if you can contact them every day – I got up exhausted from the shots of last night this morning and thought, "Wait, I'll put my feet on the floor, like Wayne Dyer said it had me busy. Say, "Thanks, thanks, thanks," and I remembered that I did not … "Oh, I have to go to this other shoot, here I go again, no, no, I can practice my purpose today, I live I may deliberately emerge, I can be sure that there is an absolute reason that this day is taking place, that there is a knowledge of power and energy – something beyond me -, all the cards, all the dominoes Lined up so you and I are here today.

If you can not just do that, I'm not just saying it for ourselves. I say that because you show up every day. Do you know why life lost some of its magic in the last year of 2019? It was not about your finances, it was not about your health, it was not about those who are in your life or who left or who showed up, it was not because your team is good, it was not because you were paid

No, life loses magic because we forgot to bring the magic and intentionally experience it. We hope, "one day," but what if you started living happily the way you want it?

"You know, now I want to be financially free." Well, how would that feel? What if you
Walked down the street like a financially free person? I would not go to Louis Vuitton and write it on the credit card if you know what I am saying, but what if you have only mentally and emotionally entered what you already want to feel? You wait three, five and ten years to feel what you want to feel. What is going on? They believe that more achievements and more things in 2020 will give you that feeling.

Let me tell you that someone who is literally blessed, currently coaching two billionaires, literally works with people every day, every week on their feelings and their lives. From those great people, to people you see in the media, to ordinary people coming from places like mine – financially challenged, not in a good place, in a family or in a relationship, not in a place with good ones Opportunities, and yet "I am able to find that, you can connect with it.

Regardless of where you are in your ambitions, the question is: Can you connect with this moment and feel that you already have it? That is the secret. That's the magic.

Have awe and trust in this moment and bring positive gratitude and awe. I am so thankful that I am here with you now. I can not believe that you and I will start together in 2020. We enter together into a new decade. It just sounds so damn cool. I mean, if I put a little buzz on you today, I feel like we've done a good job because so many people say, "Bleh!" I am here to say that nothing will break that for you, you will achieve that outwardly. There is no status, no money, no power and no fame. That does not exist – when I give you a hundred thousand new likes on Instagram, you suddenly say, "Yay, I enjoy my day!" No, it's like cotton candy. It tastes good in a second, it's gone later and nothing. There is no meaning, there are no calories, there is no fulfillment and energy.

I know that you know what I'm saying, but I really believe that when people start to plan their 2020s, their next – you know, years or decades – is that it's just about achieving things and they think that the achievement of things will bring them the feelings they have right now.

People believe that the achievements of things will give them the feelings they want when these feelings are available.

I can walk a self-confident person down the street in 30 seconds. I do not need my certificate and my thing on the wall and the awards and fans and followers and a bigger bank account to be more confident because what I have to do is to allow more self-confidence. I have to let that happen to me, to say, "Oh, look at those things I've been through and made me wiser and smarter, Hey, let me lift my shoulders a bit, make me smile cast my face, let me tell you, just to be confident, because I can do it now. "

You can forge your own emotional reality, and I mean, that's self-restraint. So, consider self-restraint not just as a discipline, but ultimately as: what do you want to feel in 2020, which you left behind in 2019?

Hey, that's Brendon. I hope you liked this clip from my HPX coaching group. I go live every month – so the little clip you saw was only a few minutes long, but the actual training lasted more than two hours. There I go live and help the people to reach this peak
Performance experience in her life.

If you want to be a part of it, just click on the link in the post below so you can join HPX-Coaching, I go online for two hours every month. We would be glad, if you were there. If not, listen, I hope you subscribe to this channel. Share this message with your friends and family. All you know is reflecting on this great 2020 year. I think we can all be a little more purposeful, a little bit more sentimental and a bit more fulfilled in this next year of our lives.

Until next time I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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