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When publishing, we ask authors – usually a more introverted group – to get involved, socialize, join groups, and attend conferences. I often wonder how many of you flinch every time you hear advice like this.

Maybe you are not in the entire publishing scene. Maybe you don't like being in a critic group where people discuss your work.

Maybe you don't want to be part of a crowd, you don't want to go to workshops, you don't want to write as a group activity.

Maybe social media is not your thing. The thought of promoting your book gives you beehives. You don't want to be a speaker, blogger or Facebook expert.

Lone ranger

Can such a person succeed in publishing?

Yes, but it is rare these days.

You have to be pretty talented from the start. If you don't go to workshops to learn and get feedback on your work, you have to be able to find an agent and publisher, or even find great audiences through self-publishing, writing amazing things without benefiting the collaborative process , There are definitely some writers who can do this. You can be one of them. The only way to know is to give it a try and see what happens.

There are still stories of writers guiding their agent through the query process without ever networking, receiving recommendations, or attending a conference. But at some point you have to build an audience for your book, whether you are at a publisher or do it yourself. You have to deal with your readers and potential readers.

Most of it can be done online. So if you are at least familiar with blogs and social networks, you should be able to market yourself well. You don't necessarily have to advertise "out there" except in the virtual world.

With all emphasis on critic groups and workshops and conferences, we recognize the reality that not all authors are suitable for all of this. While this type of participation offers tremendous benefits to those who are capable of it – and there are some people who would never succeed if they did not use all sorts of resources – not all is lost when you do cannot do this.

In the past, authors have told me that they cannot afford or have access to conferences because they live in a remote location. Some said they couldn't find a critic group. I tell them it is up to them to succeed despite the limitations.

But I rarely hear from writers who say, "I'm not interested in all of these group matters. I am a writer! I sit in my cave and write – alone, I don't feel like doing it differently. "

Today is your chance.

If you're a solo writer who flinches at the thought of a conference, critic group, or workshop, or if you can't stand supporting your work, it's time to step out and try it!

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