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Smartwatch story prompt

This is the first in a series of calls to action: not just a few lines, but a comprehensive outline that an author could use for subplots or entire novels.

Shorter posts like this, which are interspersed in my usual word lists, etc. allow me more time to work The author's body lexiconThis includes searches that are measured in minutes per word and not in words per minute.

If you'd like to create a story or poem based on something you've read in this post, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section or through the contact form at the top of this page!


In addition to heart rhythm, seizures, sleep disorders, sudden falls, and breath alcohol levels, a smartwatch can monitor many events, including:

  1. a spouse who has an affair
  2. Burglars are planning a robbery
  3. paranormal events
  4. Pets in unusual circumstances
  5. alien invasions
  6. a chat in a hair salon
  7. a blackmail conversation
  8. Children who bully someone
  9. an illegal drug purchase
  10. a serial killer who commits murder
  11. Teens making out
  12. Clapping neighbors
  13. a writer's soliloquy while plagiarizing someone else's work
  14. secret chats in the White House or in the Kremlin
  15. a march of climate change or civil rights

Some of these ideas would lead to short stories about excellent dialogues.

Who and why?

Perhaps the smartwatch was invented for a niche market.

  1. The watch could generate a frequency that:

– inhibits fertility
– restrains independent thinking
– controls only a certain part of the world's population

  1. Perhaps it could be a killing device waiting for someone to activate it by radio.

Why should a company make that?

  1. Maybe the CEO has had an unusual experience.
  2. Perhaps the inventor had the idea of ​​a drug-induced hallucination.
  3. Perhaps a message caught the attention of a board member.
  4. Perhaps this is due to greed as the rich try to control the poor.
  5. Could the WHO (World Health Organization) or an equivalent organization have driven the development of the watch? This leaves a huge one Why?
  6. And there is always the military …


A unique moniker for the watch could be the name of your short story or book. Before you finish it, google your idea to see if it's already in use.

A few idea starters:

  1. Cheat Tracker
  2. Heist alerter
  3. Specter Watch
  4. PetChrono
  5. Alien Recon Chrono
  6. RuheChron


  1. Is this happening now?
  2. In the future?
  3. Is there any way to move this into the past? (Think steampunk.)
  4. Could it go back further than there were dinosaurs? This could lead to a time travel component.

From where?

  1. Is the clock developed on earth?
  2. If it was developed on Earth, will it only be sold in certain areas?
  3. Could it be made on another planet?
  4. Would a space station or spacecraft contain enough materials to enable such a device to be manufactured?


  1. Does technology need elements from asteroids or other planets?
  2. Is it based on a newly discovered, top secret substance?
  3. Does it need an artificial element with devastating side effects?

(… eerie music …) One or more of these ideas may already have been integrated into the existing technology.

Do you have a smartwatch?

If so, what are you using it for?

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