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Every year there are single mothers who think about how to buy Christmas presents for their children. It feels like a burden, but did you know there are any? Charities that give free Christmas gifts every year for children?

I have faced this fear in recent years. I know what it's like to wonder where I get the money from to buy Christmas gifts for my kids. Several times I made the decision to buy only one or at most three gifts (in the spirit of the birth of Christ). As much as I wanted to give my precious little ones everything they wanted, I just couldn't. I had no money because I had to pay the rent or the car license. I had to make sure there was food in the house for the days after Christmas.

There are so many mothers facing the same struggle and need a helping hand this year. I did some research and came up with a fairly long list of resources. These are organizations that help families in need during the Christmas holidays. They give toys and sometimes clothes to families who need a helping hand this time of year.

Most organizations have local chapters, so you need to contact the next one for more information. Please do not hesitate to call. They are there to help and often look for people who can help. The more localized the better for you. Also, remember to get a head start in applying for help. Some deadlines have passed, but try anyway. Your persistence will pay off.

Here is a list of 11 charities, corporations, and organizations that give away free Christmas gifts every year.

1. Toys for the little ones

This organization has many local chapters. Their deadline was in some places in October, but they are still accepting applications. If they have any toys left, you will be contacted.

2nd angel tree

This program is intended for children who have parents in prison. There are also chapters led by the Salvation Army. Search Angel Tree and the name of your city to see if they have a program near you.

3. Salvation Army

Contact your local chapter for information about their program. You don't collect money for anything in these little red buckets. They may be one of the families they are helping this year.

4. Shiners / Lions / Masons

These organizations are famous for helping children. Call your local office and find out when and where to apply.

5. St. Vincent de Paul / Catholic charities

These Catholic organizations help people all year round. They have offices in many locations. Call and find out where you can get help.

6. VFW / American Legion

Your local organization may have a Christmas toy donation program. Call and find out.

7. County Help Lines

Your provincial hotline may contain information about other local organizations that help those in need at Christmas. To find your state or regional hotline, click on "Google (your state) + hotline". It can be a crisis hotline, but it can also contain information that you can use.

8. Local churches

There are likely churches in your area that collect toys to give to families in need. Open the phone book and call the churches in your area and ask if they have a program. Find out how to get on the list.

9. Local businesses

I worked for a large company that collected toys for families in need every year. You may be working with other nonprofits, but many may offer direct help. Check the newspaper for announcements and call some to find out which companies are helping the needy. Also ask your friends if their companies have programs.

10. Libraries / banks

The local library and banks often have angels or gift trees. Ask how you can get your children's names on the tree to receive Christmas presents this year.

11. United Way

This organization is the umbrella unit of hundreds of nonprofit organizations. Call your local office and find out what programs can help children at Christmas. I'm sure they can steer you in the right direction.

There are probably a lot more resources that you just need to examine to see what the options are. Please don't be put off by the word "needy". This is not a reference to you personally, but a temporary status. We are currently living in difficult economic times, so everyone has problems. Fortunately, you now have a few resources that you can use to give your children a nice Christmas.

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