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Sanskrit baby names that mean intelligent

The baby names, which mean intelligent, help you dream that your baby is joining the brilliant league of geniuses like Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs and more. These names also give you the handwriting of a wise parent when you choose such a wonderful name for your child. According to our smart baby list, we have put together some clever name options for babies.

Boy names that mean Smart / Brilliant

Adhvan अध्वन्

Baby names that stand for wisdom or intelligence do not disappear so quickly. Adhvan is one of the traditional Indian baby names that designates a traveler, a zodiac or a sky. It also reflects cunning and intelligence.

Amur अमुर

A short name that spares you time to come up with a nickname for your bundle of joy. The name may sound Western or Persian, but it refers to a sympathetic and intelligent person in Sanskrit. The name can be a great choice for parents looking for a modern and short baby name.

Arthya अर्अर्थ

Arth in Sanskrit means meaning. The name actually means a wealthy or broad person.

Dhishan धिशन

The name reflects the act of praise and refers to a person of great intellect.

Dhimat धीमत

If you are looking for an unusual name, we have a good choice for you. Dhi refers to understanding and understanding in Sanskrit, which helps us decipher the meaning of the name as wise or intelligent.

Dhir धीर

Although it is a complete name; It can be used as a prefix or nickname for Dhirendra, Dhiresh and Dhiransh. The name means calm, courage, intelligence and energy. It is one of the most beautiful gifts for your super active and understanding baby.

Kalap कलाकल

We have another unique name for your kid. Kalap means a collection or collection of something. It also refers to a wise and intelligent man.

Manasvin मनस्मनस

Originated from ्मनस्विन नमः नमः The word Manasvin is one of the 1000 names of the goddess Lakshmi and in Sanskrit literally means Attentive, Open-minded and Happy.

Manuh मनूः

Variante नमः नमः A variant of Manu, the first man of humanity after Hindu mythology. It refers to Lord Vishu, who has manifested himself as a Vedic mantra. The traditional Indian name with spiritual meaning also denotes a wise or intelligent person.

Medhavat मेधामेध

Derived from the Sanskrit word Medha, which means wisdom or intelligence, the name means an intelligent or wise person. For the parents who see a name that is associated with traditional roots and reflects wisdom, the name is a great choice.

Medhavin मेधामेध

Another name derived from Medha. The Sanskrit word describes the mental power or wisdom of a person. Medhavin also means a smart person.

Medhir मेधीर

One of the shortest names that can be made with the word Medha means intelligence and is a unique alternative to these names.

Pradhin प्पार

The word "Pra" symbolizes priority or superiority. Pradhin describes a very intelligent and intelligent person.
If the victory is measured by intelligence and wisdom, start the journey by choosing a wise name for your baby. As a responsible parent, you definitely want your baby to absorb the positive qualities of wisdom, intelligence, cunning, audacity and so on. Our collection of smart baby names can help you shape your child's personality and career by starting the process based on a smart baby's name. Tell us which name you feel in the comments like a smart parent.

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