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The Trump government's plan to stop immigration policy encountered an obstacle on Friday when the courts rejected a recent Trump immigration policy in order to withhold green cards from low-income immigrants. Federal judges in New York, California and Washington have ordered a temporary "public prosecution" ban that will negatively impact immigrants with legal residency who are receiving government support such as Medicaid or others likely to register for them in the future ,

The Public Service Directive

The rule, which is commonly seen as a tactic to deny poor immigrants entry into the US, was a nickname for Trump's immigration policy and was stopped immediately in just one day in three corners of the country. The new provisions, which should enter into force on 15 October 2019, discriminate against low-income immigrants from developing countries and question the well-being of families with children who may be advised against using nutrition, health and other public programs. (1)

On the 14th of augustthThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued the rules and further defined what a "public charge" means. Immigrants who are classified as "public levies" are more likely to become green card holders if they already receive benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps or housing subsidies.

An estimated 1.2 million applicants, mostly from Africa and Latin America, would be affected by these new standards each year, including half a million already based in the US. (1) However, these statistics do not include millions of family members and other employees who may be affected.

The United States has a long history of welcoming immigrants from developing countries who have been seeking a better way of life, and the new regulation will radically change the way immigrants are admitted to the country. Wealthier and better educated immigrants, most likely from European countries of the First World, are not affected.

Grenzmauerbau setback

The Trump administration experienced another legal setback the same day in El Paso, Texas. The separate court ruling was issued by Judge David Briones of the Federal District Court in the Western District of Texas against the Border Wall. Judge Briones came to the conclusion that it was unlawful for President Trump to declare a national emergency on the Mexican border in February. He further stated that Trump's plan to spend 3.6 billion dollars on Pentagon money to build a barrier along the country's southwestern border is also unlawful.

Obtaining public support as a low-income immigrant is a major step towards starting a new life in the United States, and such measures will make it significantly more difficult. Although the courts have rejected a recent Trump immigration policy, the immigration laws show no sign that they will be milder. It is therefore important to have an immigration society like US immigration bonds by your side.


(1) The New York Times – Judges strike several times to beat the immigration policy

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