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It was an honor and a privilege to be invited Chappaqua Children's Book Festival, The series of authors was stunning! I was placed between Carol Weston and Nikki Grimes. They were a study of opposites in dealing with the crowd.

Chappaqua Book Festival

Carol Weston warned me that she's aggressively dressing the kids. In fact, she has a charming and welcoming way of telling children about her middle-class series about two New York-based sisters. She also had a considerable amount of girls who were fanatical fans and all had their books. As a debut author, Carol is a good role model for authors who take responsibility for selling their own books.

On the other side I sat next to Nikki Grimes, the OG of diversity. With more than 100 acclaimed books, Nikki began publishing at a time when #OwnVoices was marginalized.

Nikki Grimes at Chappaqua Children's Book Festival 2019

Without pioneers like her, I would not sit next to her with a debut storybook!

Nikki Grimes has published a new YA essay, Ordinary dangers, From the age of 12, it is testament to her strength that she survived a schizophrenic mother, a largely absent father, and a number of nursing homes.

Nikki Grimes has published a new picture book on January 14, 202!

My series included Eric Velasquez, Bryan Collier, Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace. Our series, which was approximately alphabetical, faced Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Stemple.

Eric Velasquez

These superstars brought the crowd back as we were the last row.

I read Sumo Joe for the story in front of a small audience of adorable kids!

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I also interviewed Sandra Neil Wallace, Phil Bildner and Joyce Wan for KidLit TV.

Sandra Neil Wallace, Phil Bildner and Joyce Wan for KidLit TV

Find out:

  • Who won a city-wide greeting card competition at the age of 6?
  • Who broke through the glass ceiling as a sports journalist?
  • Who is or was a social entrepreneur, a teacher, a lawyer and an entrepreneur?

The interviews are Here,

This was my first children's book festival as a writer. I've only been to the Boston Book Festival so far.

Many thanks to all at the Chappaqua Children's Book Festival. It was an amazing experience!

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My first book festival: Chappaqua Children's Book Festival

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