Ultimate Teen Boy Gift Guide Mother

I have two teens, ages 13 and 14, and I know how hard it can be to think of gifts for boys at this age. That's why I put together this ultimate teenager gift guide after being asked several times what a good gift for boys would be age.

Now, this gift idea will be technically tough for teenage boys, but then 3/4 of the boys play video games at this age. This also means that gifts for this age are usually small, but incur high costs.

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Teen boy present guide

Consoles, game and accessories

I think at this age you are either an Xbox or a Playstation family. Honestly, only a few can afford to have both!

PlayStation 4 – My top tips would buy the 1 terabyte calculator (games take up a lot of space) and look for a bundle offer. (UK link/US link)

XBox One – We are an Xbox family and I would say once again that we choose the 1 terabyte machine and are looking for a cheap bundle offer. The dual controller sets are great because you need two controllers. (UK link/US link)

SEGA Mega Drive Mini (Electronic Games)

The SEGA Mega Drive Mini (Electronic Games) is an absolute highlight and works with 2 controllers and 42 games immediately. (UK link/US Link)


The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo entertainment system looks just like the original system and is just smaller. It contains 21 pre-installed games, including Donkey Kong and Mario Kart (UK link/US link)

Games – I think it's important to make your own decisions when it comes to games. We agree that Maxi plays the Star Wars game, even though it's a PEGI 16. But I will not share 18 rated games.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order

This is Maxi's Christmas wish list and unusual for him, it's a narrative single-player action-adventure game between Revenge of the Sith and New Hope. (UK link/US link)

NBA 2K20

Maxi saved a few cents in the summer to buy this basketball game, and he really loves to play it with his friends. (UK link/US link)


Fifa 20 is worth it for the Volta Street game, if nothing else. This is the game of choice between Mini and the Husbeasts who play a lot together in Career mode. (UK link/US link)

Xbox wireless controller

Apparently you can never have enough controllers. Both guys have put new ones on their Christmas lists this year. (UK link/US link)

Gaming Headset (wireless)

We've had real problems with wired headsets in the past. I have no idea what the boys are doing with them to get through so many. The best we've tried is the Steel Series Arctis 3 Console Headset (UK link/US link). That's why both guys use Steel Series Arctis 7 wireless headsets (UK link/US link). They are widely recognized as the best in the industry.

These gift ideas for teenagers include everything from cool stocking packs to portable chargers. This is truly the ultimate gift guide for teens


Lesson for young drivers

Anyone 10 years and older than 1.42 meters can take the wheel of a brand new Vauxhall Corsa SRi vehicle with a fully qualified ADI instructor. Lessons take place on a private property, which has been developed into a realistic road network with traffic signs, intersections and parking spaces. A drive log is maintained to monitor progress. There have been more than 740,000 lessons to date and more than 65 venues across the UK are available. A great gift for the teenager who has everything.

  • riding lessons
  • Martial arts lessons
  • Art class – we have registered Jennie Maizel's online sketchbook lesson as a family and love it!
  • Handicrafts – sewing, knitting, crocheting or even woodwork or pottery
  • Season Pass – to a local place like the Forest Discovery Pass (we have one too Dalby forest) National trustsoft play zoo petting zoo English heritage Etc
  • Subscriptions – Magazines (Mini gets a one-year subscription from his grandparents for a magazine and he loves it),
  • Cinema pass
  • Lessons in circus arts
  • Skateboard lessons
  • surfing lessons
  • Visit crack up or another outdoor adventure
  • Excursion to a festival or music concert – Maxi has asked for tickets for Stormzy
  • Photography lessons
  • Motor Boating
  • A tour of a soccer field
  • A ride on the steam train
  • One night in the Whipsnade Zoo


When it comes to books, I know that the Guinness Book of Records always works well. Mini LOVEs read it year after year and find the new records. (UK link/US link). The Gaming Edition is also suitable for this age (UK link/US link).


I love the fact that my boys and many of their friends still enjoy playing physical games. Some of those games we love, like Exploding Kittens (UK link/US link) and bears against babies (UK link/US link) Others take classics like Fortnite Monopoly (UK link/US link).

Other great games are Pandemic Legacy (UK link/US link) – The game begins with a deadly virus that spreads around the world and is perfect for teenagers. Relative madness (UK link/US link) is like cards against humanity, but perfect for playing with the whole family because it's about the family!

You have crabs – these are the same people as our beloved exploding kitties who are sure to be a winner (UK link/US link). Or how about If in Rome (UK link/US link) and let Alexa be your game host.


Which teen does not love a device, but as a parent I want to buy those he loves and uses.

Which teen would love the retro styling when the Polaroid OneStep + Instant Camera Plus is easy to use. Instant gratification should be theirs (UK link/US link)!

My two boys love a pop-jack (just like me), they sit on your phone case and is great for holding (UK link/US link). Both guys need an IRoller (UK link/US link) for cleaning screens without liquid.

These lights will be the next big thing for one of my teens. You can sync your Nanoleaf with your PC or Alexa and listen to relaxed music with the Rhythm Kit (UK link/US link)

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock (UK link/US link) – but maybe that's more for you than for your teenager. After a conversation on Twitter I searched for the ultimate alarm clock and possibly found it. This super loud alarm comes with a bed shaker!

Alexa LED Strip Lights 5 Meters (UK link/US link) This too is on the Christmas list of my two boys. Apparently, they are the last craze when you play. While we're talking about light, Alexa color-changing bulbs seem to be the bomb (UK link/US link).

We have the Death Star version of this lamp and it's an ace, but this is a real progression and you get 5 options and color changes. Perfect for any Star Wars fan in your life (UK link/US link)

My two boys have lava lamps, but these jellyfish are a step up and they love them (they are not real jellyfish that are silly)! (UK link/US link)

Now that Personal Tech is becoming more affordable, they are perfect for teens. These Fitbit Inspire Health & Fitness trackers are great. (UK link/US link)

When it comes to portable speakers, the Wishlist for teenagers is the beats pill, especially when money does not matter. They are beautiful and have a battery life of 12 hours (UK link/US link). However, if you're looking for a cheaper option that still delivers great sound, the Sony Srs-XB12 is a great choice.UK link/US link).

I think every 14-year-old boy would welcome a new pair of Beats headphones, and the battery lasts about 40 hours on a single charge of 1 hour (UK link/US link).

Or maybe your child wants the latest Apple AirPods Pro – I know these would be on Maxi's list, especially as they come with 3 different silicone tips for the perfect fit (UK Link/US link), The standard AirPods are still a good buy as they offer up to 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time (UK link/US link),

With all these devices, you now need an energy bank (UK link/US link), This large capacity mini power bank is compact and powerful with 20,000 mAh, which means that most phones can be recharged about 7 times.

There is nothing worse than a technology and no-power teenager! Good with this Solar Charger 25000mAh Power Bank, which means that most cell phones can be charged 10 times and tablets 3.4 times (UK link/US link) and it gets charged without it having to be plugged in!

Most teenagers have more smart devices than we can count. Make your life easier and less stress by giving them this fabulous multi-charger (UK link/US link),

This is one of our most used gadgets (UK link/US link), The Sodastream Crystal is brilliant and, thanks to its glass bottles, ideal for reducing plastic (including the bottles of soda you once bought). We always look for the different syrups when we travel abroad and have Diablo in France.

For the LEGO lovers

LEGO Starward Millenium FalconUK link/US link), With 1,351 pieces, this cool LEGO construction toy puts so much detail in its more than 14 cm high, 44 cm long and 32 cm wide shape. However, if you have no money, you can buy the Collector's Edition (UK link/US link) if you can find it!

Talking about Starwars LEGO, what a teenager would not love that LEGO Star Wars BB-8 75187 (UK link/US link)It even comes with its own stand.

But if you want to make your teen really happy, then grab this Star Wars Yoda Construction Set. Trust me, until Baby Yoda Merch comes out, this will be loved (UK link/US link),

Maybe your teenager is more in love with Harry Potter, if so, then check out Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Building Kit 71043 (UK link/US link) The game features a variety of Harry Potter characters, including 4 Harry Potter figures, 27 micro figures, the Chamber of Secrets, the Whomping Willow, and much more from the wizarding world.

How cool is the LEGO 75957 Harry Potter Knight Bus (UK link/US link) The unit is equipped with a hinged side panel, a removable roof, a movable sliding bed and a swinging chandelier. Also included are the cheeky shrunken head and Harry Potter's chest with a magic wand, a letter, a chocolate bar, and a potion bottle.

Maybe your teen is a gasoline head or an engineer, then this LEGO 42110 Technic Land Rover Defender SUV 4 × 4 would be the gift for her (UK link/US link) It features a 4-speed sequential gearbox, 3-differential four-wheel drive, independent suspension and a detailed 6-cylinder engine, and a 2-lever transmission system for high or low gear ratios and a gear shift selector.

Sporting gifts

I thought teens were too old for trampolines, but my elder proved me wrong. He uses ours not only for fun, but also for stretching and warming up / fading away (UK link/US link), We opted for an oval trampoline.

If only we had the space for this Full NBA Official Size Basketball Hoop. This is on a few teenagers that I know lists (UK link/US link), Oh and do not forget the basketball (UK link/US link)!

You can never have enough footballs and this is the current Premier League Ball (UK link/US link)

Because football is a winter sport here in the UK, these fleece gloves are perfect because they allow the balls to be picked up for throwing in. (UK Link/US link)

This England rugby ball light would be perfect for any Ruby fan

The 3D lamp is perfect for the Rugby or Americal Football fan (UK link/US link).

What I love about these lights is that you can get them for just about any sport (UK link/US link).

Ruby balls need a stick, so a new ball is always welcome (UK link/US link).

These gift ideas for teenagers include everything from cool stocking packs to portable chargers. This is truly the ultimate gift guide for teens

So, you have some great ideas for gifts for teens, and now let's go to the section of the stocking pack for the gift guide for teens.

Cheaper Gifts and Stocking Fillers

3 pairs of Star Wars socks (UK link/US link).

Marvel Thor Cape Cotton Sock (UK link/US link).

Dog Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireles Speaker (UK link/US link).

Nike Basic Wallet (UK link/US link).

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm (UK link/US link).

Ethique Eco-friendly Solid Shampoo Bar (UK link/US link).

Nautica Voyage (UK link/US link).

Calvin Kleinck an Eau de Toilette (UK link/US link).

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Random 5-Pack PocketBac Disinfectant (UK link/US link).

Telescopic reusable straws (UK link/US link)

24ct Gold Plated Game Poker Gift Deck (UK link/US link)

Japanese sweets (UK Link /US link)

American candy

AirPod EarHooks (UK link/US link)

Build-On Brick Mug (UK link/US link)

Sizzling bacon candy

Nose sharpener (UK link/US link)

Traditional sharpener (UK link/US link)

Game of Phones: A Battle of Smartphone Skills (UK link/US link)

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