Princess married husband on death row and conceived a school! – Reform hell Theology

Febyanti "Feby" married Andrew Chan hours before he was executed as a member of the Bali Nine for drug trafficking. In prison, Andrew became a Christian and became acquainted with God's love, which changed his life and perspective.

Feby met Andrew in 2012 when she visited his prison as part of her ministry. They recognized that free Christian education is essential to change the individual and our society and therefore planned to start a school together. After Andrew was tragically executed, Feby courageously went alone and founded the school.

Today, Pastor Feby – with just one other teacher – still runs the school, which offers 130 (!) Children of the Little Free Christian classes Savu Islands,

I interviewed the adorable feby about:

  • why she founded a school
  • like Andrew Chan was
  • How was the prison service?
  • religious background of her family
  • her relationship with God
  • as she sees other people
  • her upcoming book
  • (I asked her if she was a Javanese princess, but she just laughed – she prefers to talk about God's kingdom!)

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