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“As soon as legitimate criticism of Islam becomes a hate crime that is punished with imprisonment, the opposition to the Islamist agenda will quickly subside. The pace of change will accelerate further.”

William Kilpatrick examines recent developments and draws threatening conclusions about the Islamization of the West. As always, an important read by one of the most drastic writers of Christianity on Islam.

Europe falls to Islam. Will America?

BY WILLIAM KILPATRICK | DECEMBER 2, 2019 | Watershed project

“Within five years,” said former French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, “the situation could become irreversible.”

He referred to the increasing violence that resulted from Muslim immigration. His comment came from an interview that took place almost two years ago. If Collomb’s calculations are correct, France has only a few years “to avoid the worst”.

Significant social change typically occurs over many decades, but sometimes gradual trends accelerate and massive social transformations take place in a few years. Who would have imagined a few years ago that the requirements of the transgender community would become the determining factor in the decisions of school, business and sports associations? Who would have thought that the boys ‘“right” to enter the girls’ dressing room or the “drag queens” to hold storytelling in public libraries would one day outweigh all other considerations? But here we are.

So far, the Islamization of several large European countries has been a gradual process. However, there are signs that this trend will accelerate. After the French secret service recently thwarted a 9/11-style conspiracy, new interior minister Christophe Castaner announced that 60 such attacks had been thwarted since 2013.

In 2018, 235,000 complaints about rape or attempted rape were filed; That was 62,000 more than in 2016 and an astonishing 225,000 more than in 2005. In 2018 there were also more than a thousand anti-Christian attacks (mostly the desecration of churches) and 541 anti-Semitic acts – an increase of 64 percent from 2017 and shocking statistics, considering that Jews make up less than one percent of the French population.

Charles Gave, an economist who wrote an article on demographic suicide in Europe, wrote that France would submit to Islam within thirty years. In the mainstream press he was denounced as “Islamophobic”. When journalist Eric Zemmour wrote that he feared that the struggle for France’s survival was “already lost”, he was also accused of “Islamophobia”.

While anti-Muslim attacks are much less than anti-Christian or anti-Jewish attacks and few journalists dare to criticize Islam, French leftists have managed to perceive that the nation is under threat from a wave of Islamophobia. On November 10, a coalition of left groups in Paris organized a 13,000-strong march against Islamophobia.

While the French are on a rapid march to Islamization, a similar phenomenon is occurring in Britain. The British have been in appeasement mode for a long time. For over a decade, police and other agencies have ignored the activities of Muslim cleaning bands responsible for the rape and prostitution of thousands of teenage girls in cities in the English Midlands. On the other hand, the authorities quickly tracked down the handful of “Islamophobes” who raised the awareness of the crimes. For example, Tommy Robinson has been arrested at least four times.

Islamophobia appears to be a hate crime in England. On October 22, a Jewish blogger named Fahrenheit 211, who was critical of Islam, was handcuffed and arrested by at least half a dozen police officers in his home. The police were headed by a Muslim officer who is part of the “Hate Crimes and Hate Speech” unit organized by Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Mayor of London. The blogger was arrested on suspicion of Islamophobia; As Fahrenheit notes, it is becoming more common in the UK to be arrested for such “wrong-thinking” crimes.

The blogger is just the latest in a long line of British citizens who have broken the law for saying the wrong thing about Islam. There is reason to believe that the Islamization of England could soon accelerate to warp speed. This is because Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor Party’s left candidate, could become the next prime minister.

In a recent article published for the Gatestone Institute, journalist Con Coughlin suggests that a Corbyn government would jeopardize the security and messaging relationship between Britain and Washington, as Corbyn works openly with “regimes and groups that work with the West and its allies are extremely hostile “.

According to Coughlin Corbyn, this would include close ties with members of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime. A Corbyn government would not only pose a threat to the United States. Because of his pro-Islamist sympathy, it is very likely that the pace of Islamization will accelerate in the UK.

How about america

As Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than a generation from extinction.” Nowadays, it could be more precise to phrase this in “never more than an election away”. If the Democrats regain the presidency and possibly the Senate We can expect a significant increase in Islamic influence on our government and society in next year’s elections.

President Obama has famously said that “the future cannot belong to those who defame the Prophet of Islam”. Many of his policies and appointments appeared to be aimed at ensuring that critics of Islam have no future. On September 27, 2012, the federal authorities arrested Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the producer of a short YouTube video that mocked Mohammed, in a nighttime raid. Mr. Nakoula was convicted of parole and sentenced to one year in prison. Of course, his real crime was that he had slandered the Prophet of Islam.

During President Obama’s eight-year term, he developed close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood – an organization classified as the “mother of all terrorist groups” – and actively supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt under Mohamed Morsi. In the meantime, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton worked closely with the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to punish criticism of Islam. Around the same time, it turned out that Mrs. Clinton’s chief advisor and close confidante, Huma Abedin, had family members who were deeply involved in Muslim Brotherhood organizations. As it turned out, Ms. Abedin herself worked for several years as editor-in-chief for a magazine of the Muslim Brotherhood.

No matter. When five members of Congress asked to have Ms. Abedin examined, they were treated like pariahs.

“If the Democrats win back the government, it is a safe bet that the promotion of Islam that took place under Obama and suffered a partial setback under Trump will be a top priority.”

The Obama administration has also passed huge sums of money on to the Islamist regime in Iran – money that not only advanced the Iranian nuclear program but also allowed arms to be delivered to terrorist groups around the world.

Back on the home front, Islamist activist groups like CAIR, ISNA and MAS made great strides under the Obama administration. At the behest of Muslim interest groups, John Brennan ordered the FBI (then headed by Robert Müller), the Department of Defense, and other agencies to free their training programs from any material that indicates that Islam is anything but an exemplary cultural phenomenon. religious system. At the same time, many Muslim activists were placed in influential and sensitive government positions, including some in the homeland security agency. And many are still embedded in the deep state.

If the Democrats win back the government, it is a safe bet that promoting Islam, which took place under Obama and suffered a partial setback under Trump, will be top priority again. The party is now much more radical and leftist than under Obama, and like everywhere leftists, party members will be tempted to join forces that undermine American freedoms.

However, it is not out of the question that America will suddenly be in the fast lane to society, which is committed to Islamic interests such as Britain and France. An encouraged left-Islamist alliance, inspired by left-wing legislators and left-wing judges, would pursue Islam critics with all their might. As soon as legitimate criticism of Islam becomes a hate crime that is punished with imprisonment, the opposition to the Islamist agenda will quickly dry up. And the pace of change will continue to accelerate.

The West appears to be facing political turmoil that could significantly expand the power of Islam in France, England, and America. Is there any way to stop it? Well, here are two suggestions: don’t forget to pray and don’t forget to vote.

This article originally appeared in the November 22, 2019 issue of crisis,


William Kilpatrick taught at Boston College for many years. As a former recipient of a grant from the National Foundation for the Humanities, he is the author of several books on cultural and religious subjects, including Why Johnny can’t judge it correctly; Christianity, Islam and Atheism: The Battle for the Soul of the West; and The politically wrong guide to jihad, Professor Kilpatrick’s articles on cultural and educational topics have appeared in First Things, Policy Review, American Enterprise, American Educator, the Los Angeles Times and various scientific journals. His articles on Islam have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, FrontPage Magazine, JihadWatch, Crisis, Catholic World Report, First Things, National Catholic Register, Aleteia, Saint Austin Review, New Oxford Review and in other publications. He is also the author of uncertainty, a dark comedy about political correctness that runs amok in the military and in the government.

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