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The games industry is one of most revolutionary and innovative areas and since the competition is so fierce, she has no choice but to be. Here are some of the gaming giants introduced with five lessons that can take brands and integrate them into their marketing strategies.

Create a community

Fortnites development In the past year, marketers should definitely look carefully. The game has evolved from its status as another Battle Royale game to a social space where players can interact, experience and even dance together. (Only knock if you try.)

A perfect example of Fortnite's marketing development would be her virtual live concert with Marshmello. The introduction of Showtime mode meant that nobody could attack during the performance, shifting the focus of the game from a solo experience to a moment shared with more than 10 million people worldwide.

Again, the importance of creating a community does not cease. Take a look at the Fortnite World Cup 2019. To win with 30 million dollars, more than 2 million people joined in to see the best in a three-day live event and bring the players together in one place at the same time to celebrate their talents.

Bring away

The audience is not only much more open-minded and dedicated than ever, but expects it now. To grow further, brands need to take this shift of engagement into account and find ways to create a community in which people want to be a part and who will work for them in the long run.

No content is alone

In the digital world, you need to think about a long-term strategy, especially about the three main phases: lead, start and caster.

Trailers, custom edits and social videos are no longer additional elements. but a need and gaming brands have hit this nail on the head. Before the start, trailers, graphics and scenes from the game are published, which at the beginning create a user journey with video.

However, the journey does not end with the release of the game. With the launch of Battlefield 5 last year, four months after the launch, three more chapters have been released that feature weekly events and rewards as well as a new map, story and customization tools.

Bring away

Video is not just the main event. It can and should be used at every stage of a content strategy. Brands need to consider a long-term distribution plan for their content and think about what their viewers should do before and after watching the movie.

Deal with the good and the bad

According to Google, 87% of respondents who have recently purchased a consumer electronics product or service say they usually recommend what they've bought to those they know. This kind of engagement is what marketers long for, but it can get pissed off very quickly. Just look at the bomb attacks on the launch of Metro Exodus.

Bring away

Be reactive, diplomatic and anticipate these answers before starting the content. There is no set of rules on what to do if you receive a negative comment or how you should respond (if at all), but it is important that you maintain your brand voice and prepare as best you can.

Do not be afraid of change

Does anyone remember Pandemonium? No, but you've probably heard of Battlefield or Call of Duty. Some games keep their relevance more than others just because they grow and constantly innovate with their audience, which is also growing and changing.

Bring away

Recognize and embrace your ever-changing audience. Your audience will undoubtedly age over time or change their habits. To maintain his loyalty and interest, you must adapt and grow with him. If not, you can follow in the same footsteps as Spyro and stay in an era in which your audience grows beyond you.

What does this mean for the future of brand content?

Confidence and consumer loyalty are the foundation of any successful marketing strategy. It's not about being the most advertised brand and creating videos, but about finding the best way to communicate the values ​​and purpose of your brand. If the gaming industry shows anything, there's no limit to your marketing efforts after overcoming the communication barrier.

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