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At the age of 15 Tara Lipinski wrote 1998 Olympic history. A risky program helped her secure first place for Michelle Kwan, the skater who won the gold.

Tara's routines, which won the gold medal, included seven triple jumps, one of which was the first triple-loop tri-fold combination ever successfully performed by a skater at the Olympics. With this triumph, Tara Lipinski became the youngest woman in her sport ever to win an Olympic gold medal.

Did Tara Lipinski's Olympic victory help her accumulate a fortune? That certainly did it. However, Olympic competitors are considered amateur athletes, which is why Tara was not paid for their historic achievements.

Shortly after the Olympics, she earned her considerable fame to become a pro. When she toured with the shows "Champions on Ice" and "Stars on Ice", she became a sensation at the box office.

Later she became an actress, sports commentator and analyst. Were these efforts enough to increase Tara Lipinski's estimated $ 17 million worth of assets in the bank?

Tara Lipinski ice skater

Tara Lipinski was born on June 10, 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her mother recalls 2-year-old Tara, who stood on a podium of Tupperware boxes and wore an apparent gold medal when the little boy watched the 1984 Summer Olympics on TV.

Roller skating, however, was the first sport that conquered Tara's heart. She started roller skating at the age of 3 and At the age of 9, she became the national skating champion for her age group,

Tara began skating at the age of 6 and began training as an ice skater when she was 9 years old. From the beginning, Tara's mother and father recognized her daughter's extraordinary talents, but there were no good coaches in the area – her father's job had brought the family to Houston – who could help Tara develop those talents?

Her parents made a tremendous sacrifice: Tara's father stayed in Houston to help his family Tara and her mother moved to the East Coast to work with internationally acclaimed coach Jeffrey DiGregorio,

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Tara Lipinsky
Figure Skating Championships

At the age of 12, Tara Lipinski attracted much attention as one of the brightest emerging stars in figure skating.

She took first place at the renowned international competition Blue Swords in Germany In 1994, she won a silver medal at the US Figure Skating Championships in the Division for Beginners.

But Taras competition performances were unpredictable. Despite an ambitious routine with six triple jumps, she finished fourth in 1995 Junior World Figure Skating Championships,

Although she took the second position at the US Figure Skating Championships in 1995, she finished fifth at the Junior Figure Skating World Championships the following year.

Tara's mother decided that the coach of her daughter did not help her to reach her full skating potential. In 1996, Tara began working with a Detroit based trainer named Richard Callahan.

Tara was a petite teenage girl who looked much younger than she. Callahan focused on helping her to be more mature by enrolling Tara in ballet classes and hiring professionals to choreograph her routines. Tara's new coach also helped her develop a unique move: the triple-loop triple-loop combination.

This new move helped 14-year-old Tara become the youngest ice skater ever to win a 1997 US Nationals title.

A month later, she took the first place at the Figure Skating World Championships in 1997.

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Tara Lipinski's Olympic career

Tara Lipinski's Olympic career was short but memorable. She was strongly recommended to take home the silver medal in 1998, but hardly anyone expected her to beat her American compatriot Michelle Kwan for gold. In fact, she followed Michelle at the end of the short program introductions.

Tara's long program, showing her awesome triple-loop and triple-loop combinations, blew the jury's attention. Tara received first place from six of the nine judges.

On February 20, 1998 Tara Lipinski won the gold medal in women's figure skating at the Olympic Games in Nagano, thus securing their place in the history of sports.

This was the last Olympiad that Tara attended. Two months later, she announced that she was retiring as an amateur athlete and professional.

Appearances in ice shows gave her the opportunity to work with some of her role models, including fellow Olympic stars Scott Hamilton and Kristi Yamaguchi. It also gave her the opportunity to earn serious moneyThis meant that they could bring their family together after all the years they had spent separately.

Tara Lipinski's professional career inStars on ice"As well as her participation in pro-competitive events like"Ice Wars"Enabled her to acquire a net asset worth an estimated $ 17 million today.

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Tara Lipinski TV star

Anyone who has ever seen Tara Lipinski on the ice knows that she is not only a technical virtuoso but also a talented actress.

Tara can please an audience. In 1999, when she was still with the "Stars on ice"Tour, she has taken a supporting role in the popular daily soap opera"The boys and the troubledThe following year she played a pivotal role in a Fox TV movie titled "Ice Angel, "

Tara has also made guest appearances on a number of prime-time television series, including "Sabrina, the teenage witch, ""Early edition, ""Malcom in the middle of it, ""7th heaven" and "Touched by an angel, "

Tara was in just about every network talk show. In fact, one of her last skating performances on a gig in 2011 was at the "Today's show"Where she ran to the song"Forever"By Ben Harper.

The list of quiz shows and reality TV productions in which Tara Lipinski performed prominently is very long. It contains shows like "Master chef, ""Celebrity Family Feud, ""Hollywood Game Night, ""So you think you can dance, ""Hollywood places" and "The bachelor, "

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Tara Lipinski Sports Broadcaster

Performances like these make Tara hungry for a career in which she could still be part of the figure skating she loved so much, but in a different way. Tara decided to enter the world of sport.

Her first job was the short-lived Ice Network. After that she moved to CBS. Tara knew that she had really arrived in the sports commentary scene when she and her close friend and compatriot Johnny Weir were hired to comment on and analyze the 2014 figure skating competitions Sochi Winter Olympics,

Tara and Johnny had such great chemistry together that Access Hollywood asked them to make a fashion commentary at the 86th Academy Awards.

NBC was also overwhelmed by the Weir / Lipinski charisma. Soon, the team commented on all the important skating events NBC broadcastincluding the US Figure Skating Championships and the Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Skate America.

Sports commentators receive high salaries; it was this new role that led Tara Lipinski to earn $ 17 million.

The NBC network was so pleased with the collaboration between Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir that the duo starred in broadcasts of other major events outside the world of skating. These include the Kentucky Derby and the Super Bowl.

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Tara Lipinski's film career

The only movie in which Tara Lipinski participated in the sci-fi thriller "Vanilla heaven, "

She had stopped on the set when she had auditioned for a role in another movie, and "Vanilla heaven"Director Cameron Crowe recognized her. She was asked to improvise a scene with Cameron Diaz.

Since Cameron Diaz is 5 feet, 9 inches, and Tara is only 5 feet, 1 inch, Tara had to stand on a crate.

The scene was then cut out of the American version of the film.

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Tara Lipinski's awards

Between 1991 and 1999 Tara Lipinski was awarded several times. In 1991 she won a gold medal in the main section of the Roller Skating National Championship.

Three years later, she won a gold medal as novice master of the Midwest at a competition run by the. Sponsored Figure Skating Federation of the United States,

She won a silver medal the same year as a national novice winner. She also won a gold medal at the US Olympic Festival.

Over the next three years, she has won bronze, silver and gold medals in a number of competitions, including the National Championships and National Junior Championships of the United States Figure Skating Association and the World Championship of the International Skating Union.

However, all these honors were eclipsed in 1998 when Tara Lipinski won a gold medal for her figure skating at the Nagano Winter Olympics.

Tara has been nominated for several Emmys for the sports broadcast work with Johnny Weir, but has not won yet.

Tara was also honored by her many fans in ballot papers. Twice she was the best athlete of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, In 2006, she became the youngest person ever to be inducted into the Figure Skating Hall of Fame in the United States.

Although these awards were not associated with scholarship, but increased the awareness of Tara.

Tara's fame led to lucrative advertising deals with McDonalds, Hallmark Cards, Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, Minute Maid, Target, and others. Taken together, these deals played a tremendous role in putting together a $ 17 million worth of assets for Tara.

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As Tara returns

Tara is the spokeswoman for Boys and girls clubs of America as well as the campaign for tobacco-free children and the Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

In 2000, on behalf of the Office for National Drug Control Policy, she made a series of public service announcements requesting children to opt for a drug-free lifestyle. These PSAs were broadcast nationwide on television and in cinemas.

She also worked with him Wish you something Establishment and support of a number of cancer research initiativesincluding the Multiple Myeloma Research Organization and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Tara Lipinski's husband

Tara Lipinski and Todd Kapostasy

Tara Lipinski met her husband Todd Kapostasy when she honored him with an award at the Sports Emmys in May 2015.

Seven months later, they became engaged. When she married in 2017, she was Tara's transfer partner Johnny Weir was one of her companions.

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