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  • KPItarge helps customers leverage innovative data analytics techniques to increase brand awareness and increase sales in the business.
  • Using geolocation technology, KPItarge could put their customers' ads in front of the target audience they wanted to address while in stores where the product was sold while they were likely to make purchasing decisions.
  • Using AI and machine learning, they were able to see which regions of the country had better conversions and allocate more advertising costs in these regions to increase the ROI for every dollar spent in real time.
  • KPItarge was extremely strategic and used a variety of targeting methods to reduce CPA by 50% and increase conversions for its customers by 39%.

When you're working on a national campaign for a major retailer, it's important to keep in mind the value of locating this campaign. A product can appeal to a variety of different audiences for a variety of reasons, and both factors can change dramatically depending on the location of potential customers.

Advances in AI, mobile device targeting, and location data enable marketing professionals to completely redirect and open up new ways to become hyper-specific. With location data, marketing professionals can not only target where a user lives, but also where they've been recently visited, where they're traveling, and even their exact location right now.

Innovative data analysis in action

A natural air freshener company (which can not be named) approached my team (at KPItarge) to increase brand awareness, increase foot traffic, and increase sales in the store. By leveraging innovative data analysis techniques, we've been able to increase brand awareness and drive sales in the business. We believe other companies that want to achieve similar goals can learn from our tactics.

Identification and analysis of consumer personalities

The first step in targeting several different audiences was to identify the three strongest individuals. We went far beyond the typical demographic characteristics of age and gender to gain a deeper understanding of who exactly our core audience and potential customer was and how likely it is that they buy an air freshener from our customer.

The three strongest people we identified were: technically savvy food and travel lovers (who convert 24x more frequently); working mothers who buy household goods (convert 17x more frequently); and pet-owning women (convert 16x more frequently).

We've worked hard on the main attributes of all three people to identify ways to bring customers closer to these key groups in a way that fits them.

Go a step further with technology

Once these personas have been identified, we have selected them as hyper targets through programmatic advertising and the use of app data. By adding a geolocation layer, we became even more detailed. This allowed us to target every persona to a specific area, especially if it was within half a mile of a store where our customer's product was sold.

Using geolocation technology, we were able to present our customers' ads to the exact audience we wanted to address while in stores where the product was sold and at times when they would likely make purchasing decisions.

Make adjustments in real time

With a focus on data and in-depth research, we were able to uniquely identify the personas and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, strengthening the brand awareness and consumer's ability to make a purchase decision.

Using AI and machine learning, we were able to identify which regions in the country were better at conversions and allocate more advertising costs in these regions to increase ROI for every dollar spent in real time. This made every dollar spent deliberately and increased the ability to successfully convert a consumer.

The multi-layered approach achieves a multi-layered success

Our strategic focus and the use of different targeting methods helped us reduce CPA by 50% and increase conversions for our customer by 39%. As a result, over 39 million impressions were delivered to customers within a mile of each retail location in the first four months of the campaign.

We are incredibly proud that we can keep our customers' CPA below $ 10. This demonstrates the importance of using multiple highly specialized techniques for building business and increasing brand awareness.

Personalization is the key

This strategy may well be beneficial for other brands, but needs to be customized. Each brand will be different for a number of reasons (who is their target audience, what is their price), so you need to be prepared to get involved in the work and understand exactly who you are looking for and what you want to achieve.

Although technology has directly contributed to the success of this campaign, you can not easily pinpoint and forget it. This approach requires constant attention and care to achieve your goal.

Although you do not personally leverage the levers or actively compare the success of one business with another, you must actively monitor and support the technology to achieve the desired effect.

Mike Rowan is the founder of KPItarget, an agency that helps brands achieve their goals through personalized data and marketing strategies.

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