you will not be bored – the fire starter RETIREMENT

Not with this attitude !!!

It's one of the most predictable rejections of the idea of โ€‹โ€‹FIRE, right?

We have all heard it in many articles that have briefly outlined the FIRE lifestyle.

The funny thing is that I recently spread the idea (no, fact!) That I passed on my message to friends and family members this January and did not mention the words early retirement or FI at all. The former, because that's a real lie, I plan to keep working on things I want to do, and the latter, because it's likely that I'll get a look of confused misunderstanding (not to mention that this would be a lie as well) because I'm not and will not be technically also FI).

And yet, the most important comment I seem to hear is that people think I'm going to get bored.


I just do not understand. EVER.

But … I think they do not know what's going on in my head (red) Neuralink Brain Connector, if you need one?!? (/ ref). So it's a fair question, do we want to deal with it a bit?

antisocial behavior

I admit there is considerable concern about how to fill the gap in social interaction my job currently offers easily. I like the ease of finding someone who:

  • Run at lunchtime
  • Go and play squash
  • And my recently acquired hobby of climbing
  • Go for a beer after work!

Clearly, these problems are not without fairly simple solutions. I could:

  • Join a running club (although I honestly like to walk alone)
  • Join a squash club (there are courts about 1 mile from my house!)
  • Go to the local climbing wall and try to make friends (again 1 mile from my house) and the walls are much higher than those near the work, so that can extend my climbing experience!)
  • Be more proactive in contacting local friends for beers in my area.

Teamwork makes the dream work (puke emoji)

There is also the social side of the actual work, which in a perfect world could well be described as something like:

Work great with great people to achieve a shared vision that you all passionately pursue

I'm not saying that there are no great people in my job, but the company is big enough, as the interaction with the good guys is just a few, and I've long stopped looking at companies "mission" or so whatever you want to call it; That's basically to make as much money as possible

This does not mean, however, that I could not find a job elsewhere with the high attributes shown in bold above. I just think that the chances are very, very low.

Finally, I want to try the Solo Preneur thing a bit. There must be connections that I can make with others doing similar things (in fact, I've already made quite a few connections through this blog and other online channels.)

While the chances for personal collaboration seem to be between "fat" and "none," you never know where things might go.

Honestly, I've never really had a problem completing serious solo sessions on the laptop / PC for an extended period of time. So I do not understand why this should be a problem now.

Imagination stagnation

The list of things a particular person can do / try is now fairly endless.

And there's no reason why I should limit myself to that anyway; For example, a part-time gardener over the summer sounds like a pretty funny gig.

I have not yet mentioned many ideas of things that interest me to persecute people so that they can be forgiven if they do not know it exactly What I could do with my time does not show a serious lack of imagination in most people? I could think of hundreds of things I would rather do than work full-time without skipping a beat, and none of them involve television!

Maybe that's part of the problem? Has television transformed us all into unthinking zombies without any idea of โ€‹โ€‹how we could otherwise fill our relatively time-rich life? Or has it always been, with other things like books and something that did not distract the masses when only a handful broke into independent thinking?

Maybe I'll build a time machine to find out

soo … what then?

Here is a list of things that sound interesting. I would imagine that most people would have such a list in their minds, but given the "bored" comments this may not be the case ๐Ÿ™

  • Decompress – First and foremost, after 16 years in the workforce, maybe I need a month or two to decompress and get going ?! (Actually, I think that's unlikely and would like to get on with other projects, but in FI circles, it has often been reported that decompression is * a thing *.)
  • Make a music album, much like our friend The crazy feintist (Or at least just make music again!)
  • Part-time gardening (summer only!)
  • Part time craftsman – I like the sound and the varied nature of the work.
  • Learn to play the guitar properly.
  • Learn drums … damn it!
  • Do an UltraLearning course (basically, you are doing an online course, but try to speed up the learning pace):
    • Online Masters in Computer Science from a leading US college like The Saving Ninja
    • A material science course – I'm interested in doing something that could help save the planet – I believe the search for new materials (rather than plastic, etc.) is a key element.
    • Robotics / AI / Machine Learning
    • nanotechnology
    • Learn 7 languages โ€‹โ€‹(* or whatever)
    • A decent business course
    • Be consumed in numerous Wikipedia / YouTube / TedTalk spirals of death ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Stop all small / medium home improvement work that still needs to be done in-house (believe me, that could take a year!)
  • Bigger DIY projects – bathroom on the ground floor, guest room decorating, installation of a ground / air heat pump (!?!?)
  • Fitness / Sport – Play a lot and (try) to get really good in:
    • To squeeze
    • To run
    • golf
    • Tennis (my friend is a tennis club member, it's really cheap, so do not mind trying a few new ones!)
    • Climb
  • Invest
    • Get a much deeper understanding of investing. Be the next one "The investor"๐Ÿ™‚
    • Build a great portfolio of early-stage companies (I've decided to make the best profits).
    • Become part of Angels investment at a deeper level, providing support to companies invested in.
  • Actually make money … we have to eat!
    • Continue to create simple yet useful online / web bots that I could sell to potential customers to automate their daily process.
    • Freelancing
    • Improvement of the blog (you may start writing a post more than every 6 months ๐Ÿ™‚) – and its monetization
    • Launch other websites with a stronger monetization focus off the offset
    • Buying // Improving / Selling Websites (Flipping)
    • I know people love it, so I'll include it – Amazon Merchยฎ

One last thought: Since I am almost unemployed now, I had a brief overview of my daily plan that I wrote in April of this year, and I'm glad to see that it looks pretty good, at least for the first, at least the year of my life after work.

What about your plans for FIRE? Are you going to occupy yourself? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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