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A student's timetable quickly fills with lessons, homework, learning, and more. There is not much time left for extracurricular activities. Therefore, students need to be selective about how they spend their remaining extra time. While most students choose to spend that little time adding new hobbies, joining clubs, or even celebrating, I do not have the luxury of taking full advantage of some of these opportunities. At an early age, I decided to devote myself to athletics And after many years of hard work, I achieved my goal of becoming a sports student by being fortunate enough to join the NCAA water polo team at my university.

As a high school athlete, my days were full of morning exercises, lessons, afternoon exercises, and everyday homework and studies. I thought that would prepare me for the brutality of being a student athlete in college, but I could not have been more wrong. In college, My schedule is constantly changing with different times for morning swimming and lift sessions, classes, and trips to play games in almost every location of the state on a given day. This makes the routine that I had in high school seem almost comfortable. Honestly sometimes It will be overwhelming to try to plan ahead which days to sleep, when I have tasks and all the little things in between. However, it is days like these when I know that I can make the most of my experiences and experiences Grow as a student, athlete and human, I have learned many lessons from athletics and I encourage those who are considering the same thing by sharing a few.

time management

Possibly the most valuable skill as a college student, budgeting time has become second nature to me. For example, I've found that I'm most prolific in the early hours of the morning, when my brain is fresh and clear, and before the tiredness of the afternoon exercises begins. I also learned how important it is be productive in the small gaps of my schedule so my work is more distributed and does not have to be done in a long session.

Discipline and sacrifice

Discipline is undoubtedly the most difficult task to master in college. Since there are endless distractions every week, it's almost shocking that students can do anything at all. As a sports student, I've learned that it does not matter how convenient it is to interrupt class and take a nap, or how tempting a party may be the night before a game, if that's what I mean Take a minute to reflect on my goals both academically and athleticallyI can make the right decision and go to class early or go to bed to rest for the next day.

Living a balanced lifestyle

Living a balanced life is, in my opinion, one of the keys to making the most of the opportunities you have, and it is different for each person because of their personality and goals. As a sports student I feel in balance with my life as It forces me to eat healthily, exercise constantly, and give me time to engage with peers.

Friendship and teamwork

Perhaps the most clich├ęd thing an athlete would say is how much he appreciates the friendships he has made through his sport. And although it is common to hear, it is true. If you are a member of a team, you will immediately become part of this huge new family this shares all the experiences, both high and low, that you go through, resulting in unbreakable bonds that last throughout the course of study.

Although the extra baggage of a sports student affects some of the more typical college activities, the benefits far outweigh any other opportunities I missed as a student. With these skills, I can make the most of every opportunity before me Be the most productive, healthiest and happiest version of me. If you are considering participating in college sports, be it for the school team, the club team or even for the football team, I strongly recommend this because there are benefits to being part of the athletics field.

Brad Robison is a junior from the University of California at San Diego, majoring in mechanical engineering while also representing the NCAA water polo team at UCSD. He was born in Lafayette, California and is a big fan of college football and country music. In his free time he enjoys surfing, playing guitar and spending time with friends. Brad is Pearson Campus Ambassador at UC San Diego.

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