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If you think of mentors, you probably think of someone who will advise you through school or your career, But have you ever thought of someone who can help you with words and deeds in your job search? I say this is a crucial time in your life when you should have a mentor.

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You may be surprised who could guide you through your search and where you look can find a mentor. These are fair considerations. But first consider how important a mentor could be for your job search.

Like a mentor you had at a job, your job search mentor would make you far more successful in finding your next job. Would your mentor halve your job search? Maybe not.

You should consider your mentor as someone whose job it is to get you to a rewarding job, whether it takes three weeks or three months. Your mentor wants you to stay with your next job for years. That's how important a mentor can be.

Three types of mentors

Who makes a great mentor? There are three qualities of a great mentor. A person who has one of these characteristics is a find. A person with all three is gold.

The wise person

In the job search, this person can be invaluable. You may have questions about different aspects of your job search. You are wondering how best to represent yourself in your written and verbal communication. This person will guide you with the right language, based on our profession and our industry.

You are an engineer. Your former Technical Director will help you to structure your CV and LinkedIn profile. They support you in your networking and interviewing techniques. They speak the language and know which people have the power to hire. You've hired many people with your status.

The moderator

Where are the jobs? Every jobseeker wants to know that. The fact is: most jobs are not advertised. They are hidden and to find them, an intermediary must guide you to them. A moderator is someone who connects you to almost anyone you want. They are known in your industry and know the key players.

You want to connect with someone in Fortune 100 companies. No problem. Start-ups are your target companies. Again, no problem. If you do not know someone in a company, they will find out who you need to know and make the introductions for you. "When E. F. Hutton speaks, people are listening."

The cheerleader

Better known as a closer, this person will not let you give up. They are excited and stand in your corner. You feel like giving up a possible position, it does not leave you. I talked to many jobseekers who said they had just had a bad day or Week. I understand that; Job search is a breeze.

I can offer an encouraging talk, but a dedicated cheerleader will do more. They call you tomorrow morning. and if you do not pick up the phone, drive to your house. If you're a member of a buddy group, the cheerleader will be the one to stay later to encourage you. If you have an interview, they will encourage you at the time the interview begins.

Where you can find a mentor

Did I convince you to find a mentor? I hope I have. Now ask yourself where to find the person (s) I just described.

Earlier colleagues

One person you can turn to is a former colleague. Maybe you had a marketing director who always gave you some wise advice in connection with the work. This person even gave you career counseling while you worked for them. When you were released, you were told to contact them at any time.

Did not you know that your former director knew many people in your industry? You could call or introduce yourself on LinkedIn. Think of such people and turn to them. Ask if you can call her occasionally. You may find that they contact you regularly.


I have had the privilege of knowing many jobseekers who have made it their mission to help their network friends. A person that comes to my mind was a true mediator. He founded a network group. During meetings, he always threw names during Needs and Leads.

You will know when you have found the network partner that fits the role you want, be it the sage, the moderator or the cheerleader. Do not consider this relationship as one-sided. Your networking buddy is also looking for work. Do your best to help them.

Career counselors and coaches

As a career coach working for a one-stop career center, I see thousands of people each year. There are so many jobseekers coming through our doors that it is difficult to sustain them. One type of job seeker who stands out is the one who has completely devoted herself to her job search.

If you find a mentor, show him that you are motivated to succeed in your job search. Make every effort to send pings every two weeks, and share your progress with your career counselor / coach. Keep up to date – especially important when your career coach is extremely busy.

Search online

Although this is a slower method, it may be possible to find people who are leaders in your industry. If you send an invitation to a potential mentor, do not ask the question immediately. First develop a relationship. Get an idea of ​​some of your contacts and inquire personally if needed.

The ideal person may not live on the spot. No problem; Use Skype, Zoom or even FaceTime to conduct sessions. I have a friend I've worked with many times, but until recently I've never met in person. He was just as I had imagined. Over the years, he has given me wise advice, so I consider him my online mentor.


It is true that things happen when you least expect it. Your goal may be to find a mentor and you will try your best to find one. However, "this" person is nowhere to be found. Maybe you are trying too hard. Does it make sense to write on the internet that you are looking for a mentor? No

Just as it is a great job that you do not expect, it can also be a coincidence to meet your mentor. Imagine being at a Christmas party and talking to a complete stranger. This person is very competent in your industry and in others. Besides, they know almost everyone you should meet.

A good mentor in your job search can make all the difference between a quick career or a long job search. Of the three types of mentors one can be important.

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