Pete Buttigieg says he has been slow to implement South Bend schools and they have been separated Educational

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, admitted on Sunday that he had long believed in integrating the schools of his city, and later realized that his assumption was wrong.

"I have to admit that I've slowly realized – for years I worked under the illusion that our schools were integrated into my city because they had to be on a court order," the Democratic presidential candidate said in a conversation in North Carolina Campaign of the poor, The group was launched by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as a call to fight poverty shortly before his assassination in 1968.

Buttigieg added that while there was integration "within the confines of the South Bend School District … if you look at the county, almost all of our youth's diversity was in a single school district."

Although the district was officially desegregated in 1981 due to a federal settlement, some of its most integrated schools were included permanently closedand students were promoted to other places.

According to the agreement, schools must enroll black students at a percentage of 15 percent of the total percentage of black students in the district.

For years Not all schools in the district met the requirements, In 2017, one became Indiana University study showed that housing remains an obstacle to integration and that "interactions between white and not white students in Indiana remain low".

Buttigieg's remarks come as he struggles to gain black supporters. His election campaign has received much more response from white supporters in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Although the open-minded 37-year-old mayor said last month that his orientation allows him to refer to the Black Americans' fight, he claims he is the only one inspired gameIncluding a Buttigieg challenger for 2020, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who told CNN that his remark was unproductive and "a bit naïve".

Conversely, Buttigieg's identity was a gay man as a disadvantage when it comes to promoting black voters as they are statistically less likely to support same-sex marriage.

Rev. William J. Barber II, The Greenleaf Christian Church pastor, in whom Buttigieg spoke, dismissed the gulf as a "false narrative" and urged the crowd "to stop harassing the black people".

"There is a phobia among all people," he added.

Last week, Michael Harriot of The Root wrote a viral settlement billet award:a liar motherfucker"Eight years ago, it was noted that lower educational attainment in impoverished minority communities was due to a lack of role models.

The more general reasons, according to Harriot, are inequalities in funding, student debt, employment opportunities and wages.

Buttigieg later retracted his comments, pointing out that he had given them before his mayoral election and that they did not "reflect the totality of my understanding." Politico reported,

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