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That is my excuse anyway.

2019 was a turbulent year for me, so I couldn’t write as much as in previous years.

Nevertheless, I hope that the few articles that I have been able to publish have proven useful and worthwhile.

Here they are again in case you missed them or want to refresh …

A cell phone with headphones

20 real examples of augmented reality

As with VR, there is a lot of talk about how wonderful AR is and what incredible potential it offers us. But I’m more interested in what people in the real world are currently doing with this new technology.

The L&D maturity curve

By looking through the lens of “Performance First”, an L&D team can work backwards to concentrate their energy where it is needed.

The unsung sibling of micro-learning

While I’m an advocate of microlearning, microevaluation is a less lively, but perhaps equally important variant.

5 podcasts that every e-learning professional should listen to

If you’re just starting podcasts like me or are looking for another one to add to your subscription, I offer 5 of my favorites.

A cell phone with headphones

I wish you much joy over the Christmas season and look forward to getting in touch with you again in 2020!

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