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Grow with Twiends

The competition on Twitter is tough. Everyone works to make their brand known to the largest audience at all times, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to develop a brand that really stands out from the rest. Twitter has the unique ability to enable creators to build a brand and build an audience, as this is the case 330 million monthly active users, This user base offers plenty of room for growth. As you continue reading, you'll learn how to best increase your followers on Twitter.

Do not be discouraged by the intimidating size of the Twitter platform and the crowd. There are many ways you can beat your competition to keep your profile as exposed as possible. Many of the techniques we describe in this article are from TwiendsFocusing on helping users optimize their Twitter accounts.

Let's look at how you can grow with Twiends

Play according to the rules

The best way to create an unparalleled profile is to stay with Twitter Terms of Use, All of the following tips are intended to keep you posted on Twitter so you will not be banned or exposed to other criminal restrictions, such as: For example, a reduced number of accounts that you can follow within one day.

The main way to get in trouble with Twitter is to buy followers. This is not an ideal way to increase your account, not only because Twitter understands when accounts participate in these activities, but also because your account is far more valuable – and most profitable – when your followers are around you Take care of content. Take it from us, keep it real.

Show a little bit

Social media is a place to see and be seen. If you want to increase your followers, you should prepare to be seen. This requires setting up an attractive profile on Twitter. Every part of your profile should be filled out so your followers can instantly feel who you are and what you expect. Your current and future followers want to see a high quality profile picture that tells you something about your brand, a real location, a cover picture, and a biography.

Just because you have to tick all the boxes when creating your profile does not mean that it's normal. There are many possibilities write a biography it does it all together in a way that is really entertaining.

Find your online niche

Find your online niche

Twiends has several great ideas for organically increasing the participation of your Twitter followers and, ultimately, expanding your market on Twitter. First, you want to be active on the platform and post frequently, but not too often. We recommend tweeting daily, but do not tweet your morning routine live (unless you have a skin care blog or breakfast food page – you understand).

A great way to get relevant followers is not just tweeting, but sharing with others. Retweeted and commented often! The accounts that see your comments are probably interested in what you have to say, and you'll probably draw some conclusions from it!

Twiends also recommends surveys on Twitter. The people are very empathetic and happy to share, if only one click is enough. You can do this in an entertaining way to connect, but you can also use it as an honest source of feedback to test what your customer base might want to see more about.

Another way to provoke opinions from your followers is to ask questions. Again, this can be silly or informative, but Twitter users like to answer both! Users also want to see how their friends respond, so your questions have a good chance of receiving not only comments but also retweets.

Make yourself known

Many companies find it helpful to branch outside the platform and gain followers in this way. Add your company's Twitter handle to your website and to articles you post. Forwards people to your Twitter account by linking the account to your company's website. In short, get everything under control. This is more effective than distributing a business card. If you follow the advice given above, your followers will see you publish content daily. You have an interactive and permanent access to your brand.

Also, contact your family and friends. These are the easy followers you can get, and your supportive loved ones can also recommend you to other potential followers on Twitter.

Do it – grow with Twiends!

Hopefully, you can now see that you do not have to take any expensive or fouling measures to increase your Twitter fan base. It does not even last very long. If you tweet thoughtfully, you can grow organically with followers who are really interested in you and your brand.

About Sara Kissel

Sara Kissel is an avid writer and law student living in Indiana. Her interests are diverse, but she enjoys learning the latest developments in digital marketing and social media and how they conflict with the law. In her spare time she likes to bake and run.


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