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First Class Diary: Actively participate in activities that enhance your skills – KD : Nigerian Education

Hello my great readers, how was your weekend? I trust it was incredible. I wish you all a happy new year!

It is my great pleasure to introduce my scholar to you this week. Kazeem Damilare is a digital marketer, content author, on-air personality, just to betray you. Smiles.

In her words

There are two types of people who will tell you that you can not make a difference in this world. Those who are afraid to try, and those who are afraid to try, will succeed.

Abigael Ibikunle of amazingreveal: Please tell amazingreveal about your background.

Kazeem Damilare: My name is Kazeem Omodolapo Damilare, I'm from Odeda, Ogun, Nigeria. I attended Tender Oaks Kindergarten and Elementary School, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan.

Then I went to my secondary school at Rhema Chapel International College, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan. Two years after I started secondary education, my father kicked the bucket. I could say that was a difficult time for us. Things were difficult, complicated and frustrating. No family to call, no friends to lean on. God alone stood for us.

My first attempt to pass the Jamb Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) failed. As a result, I had to step in for A'levels in Offa, Ilorin. During this time, I received a degree from the University of Ibadan, Premier University, to study Education Management / English.

AI: Were there motivating factors that influenced your choice of discipline and institution?

KD: I have always had a great interest in education, management and consulting. I've been trying to find a course that can combine my interests. I discovered that "Education Management" is the only course at the University of Ibadan that can help and develop me in these areas of interest.

Books such as "Leadership and Self-Deception" by the Arbinger Institute (Berrett-Köhler-Verlag, 2002), "What is Management" by Joan Magretta, and "The Effective Leader" by Peter Drucker were also a source of motivation to influence my discipline choice.

I am convinced that if you have a dream, you are not just sitting there. Gain the courage to believe that you can be successful and leave no stone unturned to make it happen. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I always remember those words.

Well, we all know that the University of Ibadan is the first and best. Most students will not decline or decline the offer if they have the opportunity to study at this institution. In short, before I decided on this institution, I had come to know some of their products. And they were and still are outstanding. I also discovered that the institution is known and recognized all over the world.

AI: There are two main skills that every student needs to possess. COMPETENCE and PERFORMANCE. While competence is focused on acquiring skills, performance is more about using skills. It is believed that most graduates are competent because their academic achievements prove it. But they are disabled. This poor performance ipso facto prevents them from getting lucrative jobs on the job market. What can you say about this claim?

KD: It's never just about your academic achievements or grades in school. But about the ability to convey the right skills, experiences and values. And the ability to work effectively and efficiently.

I talked to employers one to one. Most of them claim that graduates are unemployed. Why? The reason for this is that they are familiar with the theoretical aspect of their field of expertise. And as such, they are unable to deliver in terms of practicality.

AI: In your opinion, what is responsible for competence without performance?

KD: dependence. We all depend on what we are taught in the school. However, the curriculum of the university does not and can not cover everything. The necessary skills, techniques, values ​​and strategies for everything in life. We have to care for ourselves and look for skills, experiences and values. Nobody wants to be a volunteer in our time, everyone wants to earn a lot of money at once. It does not work like that.

The value, experience and knowledge you receive can not be taken from you. You can only start to gain more experience, see different views on life, and find solutions to future problems.

During my undergraduate studies, I was a digital marketer, content writer, on-air personality, tutor and the rest of them. Now it's not just about my senior year, but also about the experiences, skills and values ​​that I have up there.

AI: Lifetime achievement goes beyond personal efforts. There have been people who have provided assistance during your program that made your dreams come true. Who are certain people whose contribution you can not forget in their first-class performance?

KD: Of course, I could not have achieved anything on my own. Special thanks go to God the Almighty who said "yes" when people said "no". My whole family, roommates, friends, class 2017/2018. I really can not begin to name names, but I say a big thank you to all of you.

AI: Are you currently working as a first-class graduate?

KD: Well, I graduated on November 13, 2019 and am currently in the service of my homeland. However, I deal with digital marketing (buying and selling), writing content and proofreading articles and proposals.

AI: Do you think that your grades have or have a big advantage over other lower grades graduates?

KD: Yes, that's it. People want to hear you speak when they know your senior year. It gives you the opportunity to show what you have. Your ability to handle situations well and market yourself gives you an edge over others.

Kazeem Damilare

AI: What advice do you have for students seeking a degree with an excellent grade like yours?

KD: Overcome all distractions. Today, in our time, I can boldly say that it is rare to see people who are not carried away. People who are determined and focused. Why not light candles now and enjoy them in the long run? Friends, fun and parties will come and go. They can all come as a distraction. However, your ability to manage it will definitely distinguish you.

After all, you can not do it alone. Just like the saying that goes like this:

No one is an island, all to himself

This implies that

No one is really self-sufficient, everyone has to rely on the society and comfort of others to thrive.

Learn from people regardless of their level or socioeconomic status. Most people think that they can only learn from those who are far above them in terms of class, status and influence. No! You can learn from everyone.


Success goes from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. There are two types of people who will tell you that you can not make a difference in this world. Those who are afraid to try, and those who are afraid to try, will succeed.

Do not get discouraged !!! Keep trying.

AI: What would you advise the government to improve the standard of our education system?

KD: provision of infrastructure facilities !!!!! Most educational institutions lack this. Education is considered less important than other sectors in this country. We keep saying that our institutions do not cover the practical aspect of their various specializations.

But we can not blame them completely. No infrastructure, even the environment is not conducive enough. No adequate hostels, provision of social facilities as a whole. This should be checked !!!!

AI: Would you like to share something else?

KD: In Winston Churchill's best speech, "Never give in", he says:
"Never give in. Never give in. Never give, never, never, never – in nothing, big or small, big or petty – never give in, except for beliefs of honor and common sense. Never give in to violence. Never give in to the seemingly overwhelming power of the enemy. "

Conclusion: Nothing good is easy. We all pray hard, trying to get what we want or what we want.

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