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EBSU part-time courses and admission requirements : Nigerian Education

The Ebonyi State University Work and Study Program (WASP) is the department responsible for managing part-time courses at the EBSU. The management of the EBSU WASP has published the list of all part-time courses offered in the EBSU.

The Ebonyi State University part-time program is one of the most popular at various universities in Nigeria. Indeed, students at the EBSU are more likely to be represented in the population at the same time compared to their full-time equivalent, which is an appropriate proportion of the total population of students at the university. Part-time courses are studied over a longer period than full-time. However, this does not prevent the massive application for the online sale of the EBSU part-time admission form.

The EBSU part-time program requires that students spend fewer hours per week in a classroom. The courses can include day off, day plus evening or evening classes only. You can find information on these options on the relevant faculty or course page.

Ideally, the general admission requirements for part-time courses offered in EBSU are the same for full-time students, although the part-time application procedures and financial information differ from those for full-time students, ie the school fees are generally higher.

Application procedures vary from department to department and sometimes from faculty to faculty. The Ebonyi State University usually applies for applications from applicants. During this time, the candidates have the opportunity to apply online. However, places are limited. To avoid disappointment, you should apply early. You will need to fill out an application form online and possibly take a screening test. If selected, you will receive a written job offer with instructions on how to register and participate in the course.

All candidates must register and pay the appropriate fees before they can take courses. The decision that the university makes regarding your application and fee status is based on the information on your application form. If we determine that you have provided incorrect information or omitted important information, we reserve the right to withdraw or change our offer or to change your fee status.

Applicants who apply for part-time admission usually confuse the full-time courses with the part-time courses. They only assume that a course offered in a full-time course at the EBSU will also be offered in a part-time course at the EBSU. However, this is not always the case

Many UTME students who have selected EBSU in their UTME are now choosing part-time programs after not being admitted through UTME, and the good thing is that the certificate for part-time graduates does not indicate whether it was part-time or full-time for everyone Every certificate is equal to employer.

The EBSU part-time courses for this semester are listed below. However, some full-time courses are not available in part-time programs, mainly due to the time it takes to cover the workload. This is one reason why part-time programs at the EBSU and other schools that are qualified to carry out part-time courses in the basic and advanced levels require at least one additional year more than the duration for full-time courses.

Did you know that you do not need a JAMB to be admitted to EBSU part-time courses? All you need is to get the right O’level results. You must be at least 18 years old to qualify to purchase an EBSU part Timekeeping Form. In order to write this article, we also present the approved admission requirements for studying part-time courses, which will be offered at the EBSU as of today.

Most candidates or applicants often complain with the following statements:The course I applied for was not given to me. What should I do? I have met all admission requirements but have not been offered admission. How do I apply for the EBSU part-time course? What part-time courses are offered at the EBSU, what are the requirements for the EBSU part-time course? What part-time admission restrictions apply to the EBSU?

The questions above have an answer: meet the admission requirements. Any candidate who automatically meets the EBSU part-time admission requirement is not eligible for admission, and there are no two options.

A common requirement for EBSU part-time courses is that they require all O’Level results with at least five (5) credit points that must include English language and math and all other three (3) O’Level subjects, as far as they are concerned relate to their subjects. Check the link below for the approved combination of EBSU part-time courses.

EBSU part-time entry requirements

To be considered for admission to the EBSU part-time course, applicants must meet the general admission requirements as well as the de

Partial requirement for the requested course.

  1. Have five credit points in no more than two sessions in one of the following exams;
  • General examination of the educational qualification (GCE) at an orderly level
  • West African School leaving examination (WASCE),
  • National Examination Board (NECO),
  • National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) or their equivalents

A list of EBSU part-time courses and their correct combination of subjects can be found HERE.

List of part-time courses offered in EBSU


(a) Department of Accounting and Banking and Finance with options in: (i) Accounting

(ii) Banking and Finance

(b) Department of Management, Marketing and

Entrepreneurial Studies.

Options: (i) Management

(ii) marketing

(c) Department of Public Administration.

  1. Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity


political science

Psychology and sociological studies.

Options: (i) psychology

(ii) Sociology and Anthropology

History and international relations

Linguistics and literature.

Options: (i) Linguistics

(ii) Igbo

(iii) French

Philosophy and religion with options:

(i) philosophy

(ii) religion

(g) Department of Mass Communication


computer sciences

Applied biology

Industrial Mathematics / Statistics




Agricultural Economics and Extension Management.

Animal Science, Fisheries and Aquaculture (Only the Fisheries and Aquaculture option is available in WASP)

Plant and landscape management

Food science and technology

Soil and environmental management.


Art and social science lessons with options:

(i) Business Education

(ii) English classes

(iii) Religious education

(iv) Education in social sciences

(v) Igbo language classes

Business education with options in:

Accounting training and

(ii) Secretarial Education.

Education foundation with optionsin:

Instructions and advice and

(ii) Administration and planning

Human Kinetics and Health Education with Options:

(i) Human Kinetics Education.

(ii) health education.

Science Didactics with options in:

i) Biology lessons

(ii) Chemistry Didactics

(iii) Computer science lessons

(iv) Integrated science education

(v) Didactics of Mathematics and

(vi) Physics classes.

(f) Technology and professional science education with options in:

(i) Construction / wood technology

(ii) Agricultural science education

(iii) Education in electrical engineering / electronics

(iv) Mechanical / Metal Working Technology and

(v) home economics education

The above information relates to part-time courses and the general admission requirements for EBSU. Is that well understood? Questions are answered and answered by the moderator in the comment section below. If you have any questions about EBSU part-time courses, please contact me via the comments section. We will answer all your questions.

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