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Although many companies promote business travel as one of the main benefits of work, today's employees are worried about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking a plane for work and being outside of their daily routine. According to an international research report by American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) exhaustion is one of the main complaints when employees are traveling on business. No wonder we are all familiar with delayed flights, lost luggage, missed connections and hotel cancellations. TripAdvisor actions is one of the first and most efficient business travel management platforms that provides solutions to the anxieties associated with the journey that is due. Today, the company convinces the trillion dollar travel industry with cost-effective deals on airline tickets, hotels and other travel-related goods. It offers an all-inclusive service that basically plans your entire trip so you do not have to worry about extra stress. The University of Warwick found that they were employees 12% more productive When they are happier at work, it is crucial to grow a business to focus on employee satisfaction and comfort, especially on business trips.


In 2015, Ariel Cohen and Ilan Twig founded the startup in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. Today, they employ more than 700 people with offices in Europe, Australia and more. Both founders themselves were street fighters, and found that the disruption of business travel unduly burdened and ruined the joy of travel itself. They decided to set up their own business travel booking platform using artificial intelligence, creative design and partnerships with airlines, hotel and car rental providers. TripActions also has an efficient mobile app that allows travelers to change or cancel their reservations at any time before or during the trip. It's over, according to Business Insider 25% of the people Today, you book your itinerary over your phone, suggesting that it's critical for a business to provide a user-friendly mobile service – something you should consider as a tour operator. Both founders were interested in changing the business-related bias and restoring people's overall trust in travel. According to Forbes TripActions is worthwhile now 4 billion USD, It offers worry-free deals at affordable rates, and reduces both travel costs for businesses around the world and the stress of traveling employees. TripActions promotes business travel as an integral part of corporate growth and as a means of protecting interpersonal interactions.


A key element to the company's success is that alternative options have been found by examining business travel attitudes to make employees happier. They have used their personal experience to create an innovative start-up that is an incredibly successful business today. By putting themselves in the shoes of the customer, they have been able to find solutions that eliminate all fears. As a business, it is important that when you apply for a service, you address any concerns or doubts that are related to what you can provide. The customer has to feel comfortable from the beginning. TripActions has managed to intelligently market a stress-free experience.


The business travel industry is growing with innovations fueled by a new wave of thought leaders such as Cohen and Twig. We discover the pleasure of traveling on business. For this reason, as a tour operator you should consider including the corporate travel industry as one of your target groups. (And if you need help finding the right ways to reach your new audience, We can help.) Through the streamlining of business travel management, TripActions also invigorates the industry itself. In the long term, business travel will increase and companies will strive to keep their employees happy in exchange for good results. So, what are you waiting for? Expand your portfolio as a tour operator by incorporating business travel activities. And while you're at it, read a page from the TripActions book – make it as easy as possible for your customers by offering an all-inclusive experience (or at least a majority of it). They will thank you for sure!

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