End with my telephone provider Father

"Why do not you go in a straight line?" I grumble passively to myself. The person in front of me phoning on the last quarter mile of my way to work and meanders around the sidewalk.

"What kind of phone call takes so long?", Another inner thought asks before I catch it and remind myself that I'm working on my kindness. I'm really.

Then a realization hits me. I do not phone anymore. At least not right. I answer questions, inquire and make appointments, but not only chats.

I meet Skype with my parents every Sunday, but only when I'm at home on the Wi-Fi because I'm already above my data limit on my phone. Nobody calls, just to see how I'm doing or what I'm up to, and I do not. Are we just too busy or do we expect a request to come out of the conversation?

"Oh, just call to see what you plan to do, are you free on Sunday because we could move and use an extra pair of hands?"

I remember when my wife and I were still in London and they called me every night on their way home to make them talk and feel safe. It gave me great comfort that she had reached her door and was safe inside.

Apart from the fact that I do not want to bother anyone, I'm always worried that I can not take advantage of my telephone contingents. That's right, it's 2019 and I still only have 200 minutes a month for calls. Oh, and I have to pay the same for the data and text on our phones as for my twice-monthly car payments. Serious?

mobile phone

The other thing I noticed about my current relationship with my phone is that I postponed things. I should not have to wait until I get home or stop by a Starbucks to use its WiFi. I pay enough. Why can not I send photos, update my blog or search Instagram? I'll do all this now, but at the end of the month, I'll be charged with ridiculous coverage fees as a small surprise. Not cool!

I've tried to switch from my current Canadian phone company, which dictated the overpriced "service" too long, and switched to Freedom. Luckily, as I thought about the coverage in BC and beyond, they contacted me and asked if I wanted to try them, sweetie.

A cheaper plan is fantastic, but only if it works as well as the big guys. So let's try it. Since I often use my phone to work and manage this blog, I need to know that I'm getting full network coverage everywhere, cheap connections that are also fast, lots of downtown WiFi Wi-Fi and good call quality. To make a fair test, I will compare the service of Freedom with my current provider.

Coverage Test

Freedom has two types of coverage: freedom and freedom nationwide. These networks overlap in areas that Freedom calls "variable." This means you can continue to access your data, text and voice services.

Based on information from Freedom's website:

The Freedom network you create and manage provides access to all the data, conversations, text, and features included in the Freedom part of your plan.

When connected to Freedom, you can connect to LTE, LTE, or 3G extended-range networks, depending on your location and device features.

When you travel outside of our "Freedom" network in Canada, you will be connected to the best available affiliate network, also known as "Freedom Nationwide". These areas give you access to the Nationwide section of your plan.

Although there are no data breaches, pay-per-use fees may apply in certain cases, such as: For example, when roaming outside of Canada.

Canada is SOLID, so it's almost impossible to cover it all up.

The plan I try is the 15 GB data with unlimited talk + text. This includes 2GB of nationwide LTE data. If I go beyond the borders, there is No data overrunsunlike my current contract. With Freedom, the data speed slows only until the allowance for the next month starts or I switch to WiFi. The coverage around Vancouver, the north coast and in all the valleys is quite extensive, so I'm sure I'll be covered too.

I recently visited Pender Island and mostly talked about Freedom. I could certainly get calls and then data if I had roaming, looking for mobile services on partner networks.

In downtown Vancouver, on the North Shore and to the US border, the coverage is great. I've had full bars everywhere I've driven so far and the network is growing so I feel in good hands.

call quality

It is great. I used my Freedom phone as the main work number for a few weeks, and the call quality was crystal clear, without interrupting the conversation.

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After my two-week test and another SMS from my current provider that told me that I had exceeded my data volume again, I switched permanently to Freedom Mobile. I was on the fence before because I was worried about the cover, but it worked very well and I'm just tired of paying every month in addition to my expensive phone bill, so it just seems like a breeze.

Hello, freedom!

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