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Meet our newest customer, Donald McMann! Donald, a seasoned multitasker, taught full time at McEwan University while receiving his MFA, but that left very little time to submit his own work in literary journals. What Donald needed was an assistant who helped him with the time-consuming research in the Journal – and he found that in Writer & # 39; s Relief. Donald's works have appeared or appear in numerous journals, including The Alembic, The Delmarva Review, Evening Street Review, Literary Court, The Penmen Review, Quarterly Santa Fe Writers Project, Umbrella Factory Magazine, and Verdad.

Read on and watch the video to see how Writer's Relief helped Donald publish every single piece he submitted about us!

In Donald's own words

I signed up to Writer's Relief in 2014 and have since published 12 articles – everything I've submitted so far.

I have not submitted any work for many years. I spent time earning an MFA from Bennington College and a PhD from the University of Wales at Trinity St. David. I was also a full-time teacher during this time. I've received a lot of feedback, but over time I've had a growing need to get some credits for publications.

But there was a problem. Submitting work takes time: research, preparing, shipping and tracking everything. I realized that I had time to report or write – but not time to do both.

When I heard of Writer & # 39; s relief, it seemed like a solution – and that's what it turned out to be. Writer's Relief has done a great job of researching the markets and managing my contributions, and I appreciate their advice. So much so that I even recommended it to a colleague who has just received his first story.

Working with Writer's Relief is like working with a partner to help you navigate the complex world of publishing.

More about Donald

Donald McMann has made his living as long as he has written speeches, journal articles, technical manuals, and entire communication plans. Since 2001, he teaches at McEwan University, where he is assistant professor of English.

His short story "Strip Malls Can Change Your Life" appeared in the opening issue of the Lampeter rating Further work has been published Bluestem, Borfski Press Previous Drunken monkeys, OxMag, and The honest Ulsterman,

Donald lives in Edmonton, Canada, with his wife and critic (not to be confused with a critical woman), Elsa Rice. You can learn more about Donald at his website,

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