Khateeb must then clearly return to Best Buy : Islam

The followers of the Farmington Hill Islamic Center were distracted by Musa Ibrahim's Best Buy uniform while holding the Friday sermon during his lunch break.

Farmington Hills, MI – The Best Buy uniform worn by the khateeb on Friday prayers did not go unnoticed by the worshipers of the Farmington Hills Islamic Center. The Congregationalists probably expected him to return to work immediately afterwards.

During his sermon, 26-year-old Musa Ibrahim compared extended protection plans and bonus points with additional obedience.

"Brothers and sisters, surely it is not obligatory to fast outside of Ramadan," Ibrahim said as he talked about the prophetic tradition of fasting on Thursdays throughout the year. "But we could all use the extra reward points to go to Heaven and redeem these expiring non-expiring certificates."

He then compared the sky levels and used the analogy of the general audio inventory with what is available in the upscale Magnolia area of ​​the store.

"He really pushed the comparison with the extended protection plan," the regular mosque visitor commented as he sat in the lobby to put his shoes back on. Until this sermon, I doubted my faith. Now everything has become much clearer and livelier, with incredible black levels, higher frame rates and improved motion blur processing. "

"And remember, brothers and sisters, if you're ever alone and need help, you can always reach me," Ibrahim concluded. "It does not have to be me, it can be anyone from the community, because none of us work on behalf."

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