The Writers Alley: The Lord blessing … Writing

God was so good to us, right?

Not only does he call us to be a writer, but he also blesses us with ways to turn our work into fruit. Sign with agents. Publish books. Meet other authors we only know about FB. Application of our writing in other ways. Sometimes you put the work aside for a while. Everything for the glory of God.

God is good.

That is how God blessed us. Tell us in the comments how He blessed you.

Pepper BashamGod has blessed my writing in so many ways. This year I publish three books, two novels and one novella. I also taught my first class at ACFW. (from Mary: A great class, how to write a good hero)

Sherrinda KetchersidGod blessed me with my first book, Lord of her heart, published in May.

Krista Phillips: God blessed in an unusual way. He asked me to put my writing aside. He showed me that it is important to put things aside for a season, to make them stronger and to be more fruitful. (Note from Mary-Kristas book, Bring me together if you can was released earlier this year.)

Casey Herringshaw: God blessed me with the desire to write. That's such a blessing. An intimidating, but a blessing. AND, I've seen so many of you at ACFW!

Mary Vee: I am grateful for the two stories that God helped me to publish. A Christmas Story: Sylvia's secret, a Christmas story the other a fantasy: Fire and thorn, a fantasy. AND – in all the crazy road trips and conferences that I visited this year, God let me see all but one Alley Cat. As a bonus, I even saw many of you at these conferences. I'm soooo thankful!

Ashley Clark: I'm so thankful that I've found a home for my stories at Bethany House.

Angie Dicken: I was so thankful that the readers participated in the celebration of my third novel, The yellow lantern, my third novel.

Julia Reffner: I was really blessed to lead a small group on Proverb's 31 Online Bible Studies. In this way, I feel that God is able to use my writing daily, and I love it.

Amy Leigh SimpsonGod blessed me with a new agent this year

Laurie TomlinsonGod helped me complete a very difficult manuscript this year.

Karen Schravemade: I am grateful that for the first time in eight years I was able to fly from Australia to the ACFW. It was a blessing to personally embrace my Alleycats, some of whom I met for the first time.

Cara Putman: I am grateful to have survived this busy year.

Now it's your turn!

Please share God's blessing in your literary life.

Christmas is Mary Vee's favorite holiday. She loves to travel to New York City and Paris. Mary was a finalist in several writing competitions and writes for her king.

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