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In the last decade, the remains of more than 1,600 people were found in the desert of Arizona. Groups like No More Deaths whose mission is toEnding death and suffering in the border areas between the US and Mexico"Work to reduce this number. Her honorary work is under the motto "Humanitarian aid is never a crime."

Last week, No More Deaths' volunteer, Scott Warren, was acquitted of two crimes that were unlawfully hosted for his humanitarian work and imprisonment of up to 10 years.

Volunteers no longer leave deaths in the desert and, in some cases, provide medical care and shelter if they happen to find someone who needs it.

At a humanitarian aid station in Ajo, Arizona, in January 2018, Warren supplied two Central American migrants with food, water, and shelter after entering the US without inspection. Border guards monitoring private property arrested Warren and the two migrants.

Warren was indicted for the first time in June and July 2019 for these crimes. The trial ended in a hanging jury, but the government decided to renegotiate the case. In order for Warren to be found guilty of the illegal port, the prosecution had to prove that he knew or carelessly ignored that these people were in the United States without permission and that his behavior facilitated their ability to stay here.

However, volunteers from No More Deaths are keen to see their services clearly assigned to the category of humanitarian aid. After just two hours of consideration, the jury agreed and found Warren not guilty.

Warren has been indicted in various cases for his volunteer work with No More Deaths. In 2017, he was one of nine volunteers charged with misdemeanors after leaving humanitarian supplies in a conservation area.

The judge announced last week that he had not been found guilty of garbage. Warren, however, was found guilty of driving on a closed road in a nature reserve and is due to be sentenced in February. The government dropped a conspiracy charge after the June Mistrial.

While the acquittal is good news for the humanitarian community, the right to help is still being attacked.

After the trial, Michael Bailey, an American lawyer for Arizona, was commented"Although we are disappointed with the verdict, it will not stop us from continuing to … pursue the harboring … cases … we have. We will not differentiate whether someone harbors money or trades money or whether he does it out of a misguided sense of social justice or out of the belief in open borders. "

The criminal prosecution of crime has been so far unusual, However, in 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave one memo Federal Prosecutor's Office, which orders the increased prioritization of five crimes related to immigration, including port labor. Warren's trial can be seen as a test of how easily the government can prosecute those who allow an undocumented immigrant to stay longer in the US.

If the Trump government had succeeded, it could have had a deterrent effect, preventing people from helping immigrants. This would be part of the increasing tendency to make life difficult for immigrants in the hope that they will give up and return to their homeland.

Under the Trump government, the criminalization of immigration lawyers has increased significantly. Amnesty International noted that since 2018, the US government has "carried out an unlawful and politically motivated campaign of intimidation, threats, harassment and criminal investigations against people defending the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers." , lawless searches, lengthy interrogations, imprisonments and travel restrictions.

Humanitarian volunteers are doing heavy and life-saving work along the US-Mexico border. The help they provided should not be treated as a crime.

photo by Ben Ketaro

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