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It’s no secret that my kids are gamers. In fact, our entire household can often laze and play together. As a mother, I often feel guilty if the electronics are not monitored to the minute. The only game I don’t feel like is “Just Dance”. Here’s why the latest version, Just dance 2020, is a great addition to an active Christmas gift on every player’s Christmas list.

Just dance 2020

There’s a reason why Just Dance is the # 1 music video game franchise ever. It’s so much fun. In 2019, Just Dance will launch 40 new tracks, including top hits, in 2019. Expect a lot of Old Town Road, Ariana Grande, and more to be heard in your playroom.

For parents, Child Mode is one of the best features of Just Dance 2020. This mode for younger children offers child-friendly songs and special choreographies to promote healthy movement. The addition of cute graphics and dancing characters makes every child move with the beat.

How is Just Dance an active gift?

The reality for most parents in winter is that you see your children go outside less and less. With a darker sky coming in earlier, it can be difficult to fit into a lot of outdoor activities after school. Here Just Dance fits our family. Like many other children, our children are allocated a certain amount of electronic time per week. Ours just comes with a limitation. For every hour of electronic time, 30 minutes must be just dance. I worked up a sweat with my children and found that they burn energy and become active during the game.

Even Googling with Just Dance and Fitness produces a variety of articles in which personal trainers recommend playing the game to lose weight and stay fit. For adults, the game also features a sweat mode that records calories burned and dance time.

Tips for parents

With over 120 million players playing Just Dance, the phenomenon is difficult to ignore. The game is rated “Everyone 10+”, but is tamer than most other video games. The rating reflects the lyrics in some of the 40 best songs that mention alcohol and / or sexual content. You can check the entire song list in the video below. Switching to child mode is a safe bet for parents of younger children. The game can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Stadia systems.

Take it from me. If you notice that your children are settling in the house in winter or on days when playing outside is not possible, Just Dance is an easy solution for exercise and lots of laughter and fun.

I received a copy of Just Dance 2020 to make this review easier. All opinions are my own.

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