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Q4 for Bloggers Who Use Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Blogging is the Best! Everyone buys, which means more money for you. Brands are usually generous, which means more money for you. Keep reading to get tips for the best time of the year!

Blogger's Ultimate Guide to the Fourth Quarter: How To Make Money During The Busiest Shopping Season Of The Year | Oh, she blogs!

The summer months can be puking for bloggers because people just do not want to sit on their computers. (Not that I can blame them!) The summer traffic slump is real and it's a crap. Fortunately, these days should be over when school starts and temperatures drop and people spend more time on their computers again. This is great news for bloggers who use affiliate marketing in their blogs, as traffic grows just before the fourth quarter (Q4), the largest retail time of the year.

Retailers are crazy about the fourth quarter because this is the time of year when many of them make the most money. There is a reason why we keep on selling towards Christmas: retailers want people to shop! While they often spend a lot of money and rely on traditional advertising sites to attract attention, retailers can also be quite generous with their affiliate partners. Claiming that bloggers should try to make the best of the fourth quarter to fill their own pockets and / or achieve their own sales goals for the year would be an understatement. If you rely on affiliate marketing to make money from blogging, you should become a gangbuster for the fourth quarter.

Technically, Q4 for Blogger is October, November and December, but you should start implementing your plans immediately. Actually yesterday.

To help you fix your Q4 game, here's an overview of everything you need to do to earn the most money in the craziest time of the year.

Develop a game plan

F4 for Bloggers: Take time to plan your vacation coverage
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The end of summer means not only that people are back at their computers, but also that they are looking for gift ideas, decorations, holiday outfits … AKA, shopping them.

That's good news for you. The other good news is that fourth quarter affiliate programs can generally spend more money, partly thanks to the old adage that you have to spend money to make money. The affiliate programs may spend the money on bonuses, higher commissions, and even sponsored contributions.

How can you make the most of it? You need to create a blogging game board.

Some things to keep in mind:
• How can you enjoy the fun of shopping / spending while creating posts that fit in your niche?

• How many posts do you want to post on a given day? For example, would you like to talk about Halloween? Veterans Day? Thanksgiving? Black Friday? Cyber ​​Monday? Christmas? New Year? Once you know which days you will cover, think of specific post ideas.

• Did you join the right partner networks?

• Are there any special affiliate programs that are ideal for what you want to write? Take a look at these ShareaSale affiliate programs, which are known to be blogger-friendly and often offer sponsored posts, review products, and more.

• Create a booking plan (editorial calendar). Remember that you do not want to post anything about Christmas on Christmas Eve. Always plan a few weeks to a few months in advance to give people plenty of time to shop.

Take some time to plan and enjoy the rewards in the coming months!

Make a media kit together

F4 for Blogger: Put together a media kit
Blogger Media Kit via Bold Stationery on Etsy

After you have taken some time to your Q4 You should consider turning to brands you may want to partner with.

But before you get to that point, I strongly recommend putting together a media kit. There is no template that should follow a media kit, though they should at least have all of the following:

• your photo
• a short description of your website
• Your contact information
• Social media follower counts
• monthly page views
• one-time monthly visitors

A one-sided media kit usually contains the above information, while a two-sided media kit usually includes your advertising rates.

On the Internet you will find numerous examples of media kits. I know that many bloggers make their own Canva, and I've made my own in Photoshop before. The compilation can take a bit of time, so last year I bought one from Etsy that I love. There are a lot of different ones Media kit options on EtsyMost cost $ 10 to $ 20. You just have to update it with your own information.

A cautionary note if you go this way: Make sure you have the software you need to make changes. I do not want you to pay for something that you can not handle!

Write your pitch letter

F4 for bloggers: Write letters
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So you've planned your editorial calendar and updated your media kit.

Now, in my opinion, the time-consuming part. It's time to write a few pitch letters to companies you would like to work with. In a pitch letter, patterns are usually requested that you want to receive and / or pay for coverage. However, there are other options as well:

• free product
• money
• Promotional items
• increased partner commissions *
• Extension of cookie length for partners *
• custom coupon codes *

* You can generally only order these items from affiliate programs. If you write directly to a company and request an increase in partner commissions, they may not know what you are talking about.

Indicate exactly what you want and / or need in your letters. Most companies do not offer all of the above options. So be strategic and keep in mind that * almost * everything can be negotiated. So suppose you ideally want a company to send you a product and pay you a direct fee. The fee will be rejected. If you work with an affiliate manager, you can always turn around and ask for an article to review + a commission raise. The risk of increasing commission is generally lower because you only receive more money when you sell items. Be ready to negotiate and choose your battles.

Indicate in your letters exactly what reporting you offer. Would you like to add an item to a gift guide that you then check? Do you need a product to include in a gift guide (ie you may be sending a product, but you may not be doing so)? Are you taking part in a 25-day Christmas promotion and would you like to review and give an article? Be sure to plan this before contacting companies.

Once you have asked what you want and / or need, lubricate the company. How can you help them with a product and / or money? What kind of promotion will you offer? Do you share everything constantly in your social media channels? Are you going to write blog posts? Tell the company what's in it and sell them why they should work with you.

Find the right PR contact

How do you find the persons to be contacted? If you are participating in a partner program, contact the Partner Manager. I've often been told that the affiliate manager is the best person to talk to – he wants to help you make more money! If you are not participating in a partner program or the company does not have a program, contact the Google PR agency. If you can not find a PR company, try to find a "media" email address on their website. In recent months, I've also used the free Clearbit Connect extension for Gmail. You enter the domain of a company and receive a list of public e-mail addresses. It definitely turned out to be useful! If all else fails, use the contact form on the website.

Important: Before you click "Send", be sure to include your media kit!

Doubly important: do your best and read your email before sending any correction. I strongly recommend to install the free version of Grammarly in your browser. In my opinion, it is an invaluable tool. I am not sure if I could write at this point without!

For more information on throwing marks, see the Blogger Brand Throwing Guide.

Placement options for affiliate networks

CJ-placement opportunity

I love to contact affiliate managers directly with sponsorship requests. Companies looking for additional placement opportunities may be prepared to pay you a flat fee in addition to the commissions you earn. Not only that, but some will even send yOur products for review.

I can not stress this enough: this is the time when brands can spend extra money. It is often said that you have to spend money to make money, and most brands spend a little more if it means extra risk for them. Businesses want your traffic.

Another option that you can use in the affiliate area are the "placement marketplaces" that some affiliate networks like CJ, AWin and Pepperjam offer. In these marketplaces you can share all available placement options. Traders can then contact you if they think you are right for you. A placement opportunity can be anything from a banner ad on your site, a requirement for fully sponsored posts, to increased commissions for increased holiday coverage … YOU set conditions on those marketplaces.

Make sure that you write coherent plans for what you are looking for and what types of options are available to you. For example, if you offer banner ads on your site, you'll need to specify whether you want a flat rate or an affiliate fee, and how long each ad will run. The same applies if you use placement options to write content. As with a pitch letter, the more information you can provide, the better.

Add affiliate links to your posts

F4 for Bloggers: How to Write Blog Posts with Partner Links
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As I said before, affiliate marketing is about shopping or persuading your readers to buy. While this may not be the purpose of your blog, writing a purchase-related posting does not have to be fraudulent.

Here are a few post ideas from Niche to get the juice flowing:

Affordable live bloggersGifts under a certain amount, how to organize a holiday party at a cheaper price, how to create holiday decorations at a cheaper price, and how to save gift wrapping

travel Bloggers: How to Plan a New Year's Eve Holiday at a Better Price: Find the best Thanksgiving deals, gift ideas for your favorite traveler, and travel accessories you'll need in the new year

Fashion blogger: What To Wear For Thanksgiving, What To Wear New Year's Eve, Gifts For Your Fashion Best Girlfriend, Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas

Recipe blogger: Christmas cookie cutters for everyone, homemade, edible gift recipes, new kitchen utensils for aspiring cooks should be added to their wish list

Mother Blogger: Gift guide for the children or other family members, how to dress comfortably and stylishly on New Year's Eve, suitable pajamas for the family, family book shared reading books, holiday films for family viewing together

DIY / Craft Blogger: How do I create my own Christmas decorations? How do I create my own Christmas cards? How do I create my own wrapping paper?

Do not be afraid to use your affiliate links generously. I do not mean that every word in your post should be a new affiliate link, but add a link if possible. For example, if you write about creating your own gift paper, add a link to it Kraft paper on Amazon. Also, make sure you use a variety of links. Include both text links and image links, as you never know which link someone would prefer to click on.

Regardless of whether you are writing a gift guide or a recipe, you should be able to add affiliate links to each post.

Promote, promote, promote

F4 for Bloggers: Advertise constantly for your posts!
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The key to gaining traffic and earning money in the fourth quarter? Apply for your content! Many say that blogging today consists of 20% content creation and 80% advertising. That's why you should really rely on promotional overdrive in the fourth quarter if you want your content to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure all your blog posts contain sharable images before you start advertising. Images are so important these days, especially if you plan to get traffic from Pinterest! My current favorite graphics editor is Stencil, which lets you create awesome social media images incredibly fast. With just one click, you can change your Pinterest-created image into a Twitter-ready image.

Once your posts are written and your pictures are done, I strongly recommend investing in a social media scheduler. This is certainly not a requirement, but it can greatly simplify the application process for your posts. I'm obsessed with MissingLettr, which makes it easy to schedule unique social media releases for years in advance, if you want! buffer is a great free option, although you can only plan so much with the free plan. Recurpost is another free option that I like. Hootsuite is another with which you can do some things. Finally, I do not want to mention CoSchedule. In my Coschedule test you will find all the details.

How to promote your Q4 content:


Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic drivers for blogs. This means that you should make sure that all your content is there and pinned regularly. Generously use the Pinterest Group forums and the Tailwind tribes to save your posts and share them with others.


Try to find ways to create Instagram images that relate to your blog posts. When reviewing articles, post a photo of the article along with a link to your post on Instagram. Use Linktree or one of these Linktree alternatives to get the most out of the link in your Instagram biography, so you can actually share links to the items you've advertised.


It goes without saying that you should promote all of your Q4 blog posts on the Facebook page of your blog and possibly even in your personal profile. If you have not already, you can set up a Facebook group for your blog.

If you are not sure what is better, read this post on Facebook pages compared to Facebook groups.


Like Facebook, share all your posts on Twitter. Also keep in mind that the lifetime of a single tweet is about 10 minutes. This means that you can frequently exchange data on this platform.

Send regular updates to your e-mail list

Do not spam your followers with spam, but if you write something special, do not be shy to introduce it to your readers as soon as possible! For example, I update most updates on my main page via RSS feed, but always send a special email with my holiday gift guide.

If you do not have an email list yet, you can start creating one now. Personally, I use ConvertKit. For new bloggers, however, I recommend starting with free accounts from MailChimp or MailerLite.

Tag companies in your social posts

ALWAYS tag a company if you share something about its products on social media. You never know when to share your post with their followers!

Ask people to share

It never hurts to ask people to share your content. For example, if you host holiday gifts, you must specify a participation condition. If you've worked with PR staff to get placements, send them your posts and ask them if they're ready to share them with the company's social media followers.

For more ideas on how to promote your content, visit 30 places where you can promote your blog post for free.

Follow-up with partners

F4 for bloggers: Follow-up with partners

There is no denying that Q4 may be crazy for Bloggers, but unfortunately it does not really end on January 1st. Even if you are tired and in need of a vacation, you should take some time to get in touch with all the companies that have worked for you in the last few months.

Send them links to relevant posts as well as mentions in social media. Tell them how much interaction you could gain. Send them traffic numbers.

Is this part a necessity? No, not necessarily. Some companies will ask for it, while others will not. BUT if you take the time to work with your partners, they will feel at ease when working with you. This could potentially lead to further possibilities of cooperation in the future.

How To Prepare Your Blog For The Fourth Quarter | Oh, she blogs

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