This will defeat your cold Fashion

I was angry.

Shortly after I boasted that I "never get sick," I somehow caught a terrible cold that lasted more than a week. Some of you may still remember a few weeks ago when we visited a holistic veterinarian for our dog Polly. While we were there, I told him about my cold and he gave me these two Chinese herbs and said that they should "pop like candy".

I remember walking out with my eyes twisted, thinking, "There's no way this works."

The next morning, I woke up feeling 80% better. The next day I was 100% again. I told all my friends and family about it and only had to share them with you here too. You should take both of the following herbs at the same time. I take 4 each.

Listen, it can not hurt. Even when Grant felt cold, he took it and felt better immediately.

Still not convinced? Try it out! I hope it works like magic for you, as well as for me!

xoxo jacey

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