This is how you become a travel writer: Eric Hanson Writing

What does it take to become a travel writer and to build the creative life of your dreams? How are you going? to hope for a big break too Create Do you have such a big break?

This is how you become a travel writer: Eric Hanson

In this episode of Character Test, I talk to an outdoor adventurer and TV presenter on how to do it in competitive creative areas.

Eric Hanson is an author, outdoor adventure photographer and outdoor filmmaker. He is best known as a presenter of the TV show Epic paths on Outside TV and Fox Sports. His work has also been featured on the Discovery Channel, NBC Universal and the Weather Channel.

However, achieving these functions was not easy. In fact, for a while Eric was not sure if his adventures and photography would ever go anywhere. For two years he pursued his passion with very little rewards – and with the imminent risk of not being able to hire and pitching a tent in the forest.

I've heard a lot about Eric's story. We both experienced long, risky hunger periods as we continued our creative career. For me, that brought out the book Crowdsourcing Paris, For Eric, he now lives his dream to travel the world and share his adventures.

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What is it doing Really take to do it as an artist? In this episode, we'll talk about Eric's journey of passion, creativity, and perseverance, including:

  • Why Eric was ashamed of his past – and how he overcame her
  • How he used his free time to discover his creativity in Zion National Park
  • How he got a TV contract!
  • Why his most difficult years of creative work came to He got the deal
  • The extreme risk that Eric takes on his passion

You find Eric his website, on Instagram (@erichansontv) and on Youtube channel from Epic Trails,


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