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"Our research group will focus on the benefits of urban agriculture and novel food waste management systems that are being considered in different cities around the world," said Ramaswami. Anu Ramaswami. Photo of David Kelly Crow

Scholarship for interdisciplinary collaboration with academics, municipalities and nonprofit partners that develop a scientific process to establish less wasteful and environmentally harmful urban food systems.

By Morgan Kelly,
Princeton Environmental Institute
6th November 2019


The interdisciplinary project aims to provide a scientific basis and roadmap for the food action plans that cities around the world are creating to make urban food systems more sustainable and resilient. The research team will work with urban farmers, food scientists, policy makers and non-profit organizations to translate local sustainability into areas just outside the city where most of the food is grown.

The system that grows, transports, consumes and dumps food accounts for 15% of energy use in the US and 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, researchers said. In the United States, cities are estimated to cause two-thirds of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the country's food system.

As most of the food and food waste – and part of it – agriculture takes place in urban areas, cities are an ideal lever for global transformation in the way we produce and consume food, said Ramaswami, an urban systems expert Environmental Engineer, who is also the Faculty Director of MS is Chadha Center for Global India in PIIRS. Indian cities such as Pune and Goa, as well as American cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago and Baltimore, are involved in planning food campaigns. Therefore, the work of this new INFEWS scholarship will go well with the vision of India and the world of the Chadha Center for Global India at Princeton, says Ramaswami.

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