How to get 2019 vacation dates from Pinterest Blogging Tips

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Is Pinterest Holiday Traffic 2019 on your list of things to conquer?

Yes, I know the enthusiasm for Pinterest at the moment. I know that with some business owners, traffic at some A declines. For others, it's the same thing they've always done, but traffic is still decreasing.

I do not have an accurate answer (and no, my Pinterest employees are not). All I can say is to stay the course … and try a few more things that you probably did not do that often in the last year.

Pinterest holiday traffic for 2019

1. Make more seasonal pictures for pinning.

No, that's not news. Pinterest wants more fresh content in 2019, whether it's sharing a new blog post or creating new pins. Basically, they were sick of bringing the same pens to the winners over and over again.

If you have new content focused on vacation, Make at least 3 pens for this content, Only products have? Make some pens that go to popular product categories (yup, bloggers can also do this with blog content). Do you have time to create 10 pins for some of the most popular content? Do it!

What are your typical holiday hits for existing content? Take advantage of their success and make more pins for those! With templates you can save a lot of time and bring out a new pen in a few minutes.

2. Create more boards so you can pin content more frequently.

As Pinterest wants more fresh content in 2019, it essentially means that they do not want to see a pin so often. We used to be able to pin down the same board over and over again, but Pinterest told us via Tailwind that our content is less likely to be pinned to the same board (no, there's no magic formula, but we're setting some guidelines in) Perfect pinning).

That does not mean that you need hundreds of boards, but it means You may need to expand the number of relevant cards on which you can store a pin, For the holidays, you may have a general Christmas card and then a card for more specific seasonal themes that you treat. These holiday pins can also be used on non-holiday boards. For example, a hors-d'oeuvre recipe could fit into a general Christmas table, a holiday party table, a holiday dinner table, and some non-holiday food plaques.

Take a look at your holiday content and see what new boards you could create. Also pay attention to more possibilities for evergreen boards!

And do not forget your board descriptions! If you need keyword ideas, read the Holiday Keyword Guide and use them in your board descriptions and pins.

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3. Understand the types of vacation buyers on Pinterest (and all other holiday-related bombs dropped by Pinterest).

Every Christmas, Pinterest offers business owners a wealth of tips and insights to help them succeed on Pinterest. They post the content on their business blog, offer webinars and even have A separate area only for the holidays! Although the section for 2019 has not been updated yet, you can still use a lot of content this minute.

One part I love is the Festive Four – that is Archetypes of vacation buyers coming to Pinterest, Here is an example:

If you look at an example and think, "I do not write about food," then take a closer look. The time saver wants shortcuts. You want convenience. A travel blogger could write about great gifts that go with your carry-on luggage. Or ways to save time during your vacation at the airport. A beauty blogger could write about 5-minute looks for a Christmas party. Do you see where I'm going with it?

You can also create pins that target which of the Festive Four are relevant to a particular post. For a time saver, a recipe can be represented as simple. For The Planner (another archetype) you could put a pin that says the recipe will impress your guests.

Many possibilities!

And do not forget it Get my free Pinterest Keyword Guide for the holidays! You save time by finding the right keywords for important holiday topics. It could even inspire your next blog post or product!

Do not miss the traffic of Holiday Pinterest – Download your cheat sheet!

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Over 240 of the hottest keywords on Pinterest, which can now be used until the end of the year!

No, you do not have to use all! With this cheat sheet you can easily see what 38 MILLION Pinterest users are looking for during the holiday season.

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