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No matter whether you want to improve your profile or keep it that way
If you want to find out about a new product or a new business, media coverage is the best way.
However, in order to get continuous media coverage, you need to be seen and constantly
heard in the media.

Journalists are always looking for something new and new
interesting stories to write about for your readers. It’s about how you promote
Your story, whether a journalist wants to report on it or not.

Here are some tips for dealing with the media:

Do you know the media

To be an effective communicator, you need to know that
Techniques, tips and tricks for trading.

This includes being prepared for questions, including those
awkward, uncomfortable, organize your thoughts and know how to do it
clearly convey the message.

You need to understand the audience and the goal you have
want to achieve from media coverage. Read some previous articles that the
The journalist wrote to help you understand her style better.

Be prepared

Media training prepares you for challenging questions
It is important that you are the one that the journalist could ask you at any time
prepared for any unexpected question thrown at you.

It is not necessary to say “no comment” how you will look
When you hide something, you anticipate any difficult question that might be asked
and plan an answer that won’t harm your reputation. There is no need either
Repeat any negative questions, answer them briefly and continue.

Do you know your message

You need to know the topic and the topics you are talking about
very good enough to sound natural when answering questions. Your key
The message must be short, original and aimed at your audience and the target group
Product or service.

Never have more than five key messages. If you only have
Time for a short answer, then you need to prioritize what’s important.

Your tone of voice

With the right tone of the voice under pressure, it can be quite nice
difficult. Be careful not to use defensive tones as this can send out the wrong tones
Messages. Using body language can also be very powerful when transmitting a
Message to the journalist. People don’t just listen to you, they also watch you
do and the facial expressions that you make.

It is very important to be confident in dealing with the media
importantly, you will find that it is you who develop your interviewing skills
presented much more often in the media.

Learn to control

In addition to controlling the message and sound, you must be logged in
Check the interview. Media training teaches you how to compose
You yourself during the entire interview and have the desired result

Although it is important to be clear in your answers, it is
It’s okay to ask for a second before answering the question.

Media training doesn’t teach people how to lie, it helps
They are intended to convey an authentic message to the media. If you would go inside
If you are doing an interview and you do not know your core messages, you are not confident
You are underprepared when you are most likely misquoted.

Media training can help you overcome these challenges by learning how to communicate clearly and effectively.

Contact us to find out more about our specially tailored Managing The Media Training. Click here for more information.

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