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It still puzzles me how many PPC marketers say they have not even tried Quora. Yes, more channels may mean more work, but should not we do everything we can to help our customers stay ahead of their target audience? Is not it always worth trying something new? Marketing channels Lower CPAs? The answer to both questions should be "yes" – so why not try Quora?

Quora Ads Mobile vs Desktop

Now you do not want to add another channel just to use a different channel. This is not really a cross-platform strategy. You want to add a channel that complements and, in some cases, makes your PPC strategy more powerful in your existing channels. With that in mind, I would like to discuss three main reasons you should consider adding to Quora to improve your PPC strategy.

One thing was the same the day I entered the beta version of Quora Ads: Advertisers can sign in to Quora, add the pixels to their website (or customers' websites), and start collecting audiences without ever having to tell Quora credit card information. I love this feature for a big reason. I keep getting customers to say something like, "My audience is not on Quora. We do not have to advertise there. "Then I convince her to at least set up the account. I install the pixel for her and go back with it …

Site visitors results

Do you really want to ignore 1.4 million visitors on the buyer's journey in the past six months? No way. These proofs are important if yours marketing strategy,

This is especially important as I increasingly see such images in my clients' Google Analytics accounts.

Example path in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is slowly seeing longer conversion paths. A user's paths may now be as long as they used to be, but we can now see more points of contact as we extend our marketing efforts to other channels. And we can see what impact our conversions have on staying ahead of the users. I wrote about this before The biggest benefit of the Google Display Network: Brand awareness. This is also one of the biggest benefits of Quora. Although I get many direct conversions from Quora (much cheaper than some other paid channels, I could add), I also get many supported conversions. If users are not ready to convert when they see my ad on Quora, I always have an open ear for them to get them to convert later through one of my other channels.

Let me go through an entertaining, hypothetical scenario here. While this scenario can be invented, I have applied exactly this tactic to many of my clients. Why? Because it just works. Okay, so let's start. Suppose my client is in the SaaS industry and his product is perfect for anyone working in the SaaS industry Email Marketing,

Audience example on LinkedIn

In the picture above, I've looked at the members' abilities, member interests, member groups, and job titles, all of which are related to email marketing on LinkedIn. Regardless of how I structured campaign targeting (either all options clustered together using the AND / OR function, or focused on just one targeting attribute at a time), the CPC was $ 6.43, if only I had the USA aligned. The CPC crossed the $ 7.14 mark most of the time.

For a awareness campaign, especially for a company with one smaller budgetThis can be hard to swallow. Maybe I have to find new ways to reach these users. Then I will look in Quora, which options I have there.

Options for the thematic focus of Quora Marketing

In Quora I can aim as deep as the question level. This means that I can show ads on any question I choose. This may be appealing, but the volume may not be available. So in the example above, I've chosen email marketing related topics that are available in Quora. I have not chosen all available options to be clear. I have selected only those that have been suggested to me. Let's take a look at the CPC section for the exact topics I selected in the previous image.

Set a bid view in Quora

Another part that I absolutely love about Quora is the CPC transparency. When reviewing the CPC to enter, Quora will give the advertiser an area. In this case with the Email Marketing I chose a CPC range of $ 0.68 to $ 2.58. Quora gives you the actual lowest to highest bid margin from other advertisers on these topics. This really helps you understand your place on the channel. If you bid higher, you can enter more auctions. This could result in a higher clickthrough rate that would lower the actual CPC anyway. And even if I wanted to tap my bid at $ 2.58, it's still a bid that's nearly 60% cheaper than what I would have to pay on LinkedIn.

Now you might think, "Wait a minute, Joe. The Targeting options The differences between these channels are completely different. "You're definitely right with that statement, but that's not the point I want to address. It is very likely that you will still use these channels to reach your target audience. And if a channel is noticeably expensive from the beginning, why not drive with much more affordable traffic? quora first. If you do not reach the desired range, use the remaining budget for the more expensive channels.

Even if it is not one budget Problem with running campaigns on multiple platforms, do it anyway! I'm not saying that you must first select a channel before moving on to the other one. Running both at the same time can be great if it's complementary. But not all companies have the budget to use any desired channel. So, if you're in any way tied to your budget, why not start with the channel that has the lowest CPCs and still provide you with a steady stream of highly skilled users?

The same customer I talked about earlier in the email marketing campaign also wanted to address his competitors on Facebook and LinkedIn. This client wanted to reach users who are interested in MailChimp, Zoho, ConstantContact, SendX, Ontraport, and more. We found many relevant competitor groups with low CPCs in LinkedIn, but Facebook proved to be more difficult. Not all competitors were available in Facebook as targeted interest categories. But with Quora …

more targeting options with Quora Marketing

… we could find each and every one of them to be targeted. This means that our ads can appear on all questions and answers that are part of one of these competition topics. Now we face users who are actively researching or discussing my competitors, This is relevant traffic that we may not find on the other side social platforms,

I would also like to remember that users who deal with my competitors' topics may not be familiar with my brand. You may still be in the early stages of your research and may not be ready to transform immediately. And that's okay! I do not want to force users to log in now if they are not ready to be converted. I would rather Maintain this leads, And we can do that with Quora as well as with our other channels.

Quora marketing URL tags

By making sure you use tagged URLs in your website Quora AdsYou can start creating site visitor audiences in your other PPC channels. If the other paid ad channels do not have the targeting options you want, but Quora, you can create a remarketing campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Display based on the traffic you've originally tested in Quora. That way you can create one Multi-channel strategy to not only find the right user, but to stay in front of them on multiple channels until they are ready to convert. You'll see how we can use Quora not to replace any of the other channels, but to improve the performance and range of the other channels we may already use.

You should not stop using Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. But to say that your audience is only on a few channels is simply not true. For this reason, you should turn to other channels to complete your cross-platform marketing strategy – other channels like Quora.

Below is a summary of the top three reasons why you should add Qora to your cross-platform PPC strategy:

  1. Your target audience is probably Quora
  2. With Quora you can address this audience more cheaply
  3. You can use Quora targeting to create remarketing audiences

With Quora, not only can you stay one step ahead of the current users, but you can also find new users to increase awareness and product interest – all for less than you spend on your other marketing channels. If you have not tried Quora yet and consider yourself a multi-channel strategist, it's time to get started!

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