The Little House Living Show – Episode 005 – Suppressions, Spices, Canned Beans and more Home Steading

The Little House Living Show – episode 005

Thank you for joining me in my first episode about saving money with the podcast of the Little House Living Show! I hope this podcast is a new way for me to connect with you, my readers, and that you will be able to listen to my words, even when you are driving or having a busy day at work.

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What's in this episode?

This week's episode is a bit different from the norm. I answer only the questions of the readers! This week, I had some great questions about our personal troubleshooting journey, how to add more flavor to food, cold storage, and bean preserves. I hope you enjoy the show!

0:36 – Introduction
1:15 – Did I disband before our move?
3:42 – How do you make the food tasteful?
6:01 – Can you store potatoes with apples?
8:08 – Can you handle canned food too much?
10:55 – Outtro

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Podcast transcription

00:37 – Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Little House Living Show. Today I do this podcast episode a bit different than in the previous ones. I'll just answer a few emails I received in my inbox this week. I would like to keep this episode a bit shorter because I feel cold so I do not feel so good tonight. I also record that on a Sunday night and today summer time has been changed and it was a very long day. So cute and short and sweet, but I'd like to answer some of those really interesting questions I had in my inbox this week.

01:15 – The first question I want to answer is based on my last week's podcast, which started with decoding. And it was, did we decode, before we moved? And the answer is yes and no. So we spent quite a bit of time unraveling and getting rid of things and minimizing things before we moved. When we moved into our current house, we wanted to pack everything into an 8×20 trailer because we had bought it to move. So we went to pack everything in this trailer. Now I had a plan because I knew that after moving, I would fix more things I simply did not have time to do before we moved. So I packed everything into this trailer and when we got to the place we live now I just unwrapped the things we absolutely needed. And so we still have a lot in boxes, either in the trailer or in our garage.

02:20 – And I just take time for these things and only unpack them when I really need them or when we really will use them. My plan for everything else is that if it stays in the trailer or garage all year round that we are here in Ohio, it will be donated after this year. That was a kind of disappointment plan for this last step. As I said, we decoded before we moved, and we always did that before moving to a new house. But this time the difference was that I cleaned up as much as possible before the move. Now I have just left everything in the boxes and go through it as needed. I think that gives us more opportunities to get rid of things that I might not otherwise get rid of.

03:09 – I do not really use that. But when you have it outdoors, you think you need it or that you use it. But if it is stored in a box and I can not see it for several months, I will stop thinking that I have it or that you know it. And I probably do not need it if it stays in a box for six months or more. This is my plan to talk to the current house we are in. I hope that answers your question. Unwind a little before and we'll clean up later.

03:42 – OK. The next question I have is from Natalie and she says she has trouble making food tasteier. She said she was a good cook and learned a lot, but when she's in the spice gang, she always chooses the same stuff. So I had that problem too or at least when we got married. I grew up in a very German household. Most of my family members are Germans and have cooked a lot of german. If you are familiar with German cuisine, that is very tiring for butter, garlic and onions. And not many other things. So I kinda stuck with it when I got married and just joined in, because butter and garlic and onions all taste very good anyway.

04:29 – But in recent years, we have really tried to broaden our palates and found that many other spices also taste very good, as I have best found out which spices we enjoy or which new spice combinations there should be. Look at different cookbooks various cultural kitchens. So we like to try different Italian spices, or we are in different kinds of Greek spices or something similar. And you know that there's a lot you can not do, you can experiment with spices, but it's really nice if someone has already put together some of these flavor profiles for you. And as I said, I've found the easiest way to do that by looking at various cookbooks with different types of dishes, tons of such books in your local library, so you do not have to buy them all, and do not waste money on cookbooks, in which you like the taste combinations or not. Therefore, I would recommend trying different things. And then try to incorporate some fresh herbs into your kitchen.

05:36 – I know they can be expensive in the store, especially in winter when they are not that abundant, but it's very easy to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen. Just right in the kitchen window, in the cell or in any other window that gets some good light, and you can grow it all year round. They are very, very simple and this is a simple, economical way to add tasty flavor profiles to your food.

06:01 – The next question comes from Kathy and she said that she has stored, this is the subject of food storage and cold storage. She said that she has stored apples and potatoes together, but in my blogposts about cold storage it is recommended that you store apples separately in potatoes. The reason for this is that apples release ethylene gas and spoil the potatoes. It causes them to either rot or sprout.

06:34 – Depending on your temperature, where you have your cold storage. Therefore potatoes and apples should be kept separately in their email or comment. She says that she always kept them together and had no problem. I think it could be true. It probably depends on the temperature and how close they are to the room in which they are stored. So it is possible that they are kept in the same room and have no problems. However, if you want to try to ensure a good cold storage, I would recommend completely separating the apples and potatoes. You also want to keep onions separate from the potatoes as I store the onions together with the potatoes. This can cause the onions to get really mushy and happy. So keep these things separate.

07:24 – The book I would recommend on cold storage would be called Root Cellaring, and I can refer to it here in the show notes. But basically, it's a really good detail book of all the things you ever want to keep in a cold store, all kinds of cold stores that you can build pretty much anywhere, no matter where you live or what kind of property you have. So it's a really great resource. It's one that I've kept on my shelf for many years, and I always go back to it when I think about keeping something new in our cold storage, and I have questions about how to keep it or what sort I have to keep or Things like this. Therefore, I would recommend this book if you have specific questions about cold storage.

8.8 – The last question I want to ask today before I let you go is a question that was asked this week and which I think will happen to all of us. But the question was, is there anything like over-processed foods and that refers to foods that you have canned at home, and yes, there is absolutely something like over-processed foods. It generally happens with things like fruits and such. If you have overworked them, leave them in the water bath for too long, or if you need to process them twice or so, they can become soggy and their consistency is absolutely unappetizing. So, there comes a time when something is not processed a second time, such as when the glass has not been sealed. I would not recommend it because the end product will not be something that you are very proud of or that you want to eat. Yes, to answer that question, you can definitely override food, and you just have to be careful and know on a case-by-case basis which foods are no longer good after processing.

09:21 – Just to mention briefly that this was another question I had this week about canning boiled beans. When referring to pinto beans or black beans, I would not recommend canning boiled beans as the beans must be in the pressure scanner for 90 minutes. So that means that they are definitely cooked in this pressure vessel. When you put them in, they are already cooked and your final product gets pretty mushy. If you plan to use these beans for similar purposes, such as: For example, for pinto beans or for refreshed beans or tacos or the like, a mushy end product may not be that big a deal, because you're going to crush it anyway. In general, however, I would not recommend cooking the dried beans before putting them in the jars as this is just an unnecessary step.

10:15 – You need extra time to do something you do not need. These beans will cook in the glasses. So in case of beans, if you have extra boiled beans or something and are considering processing them, I simply put them in the freezer instead. Cooked beans usually come out of the freezer pretty well. I've always put mine in a nice little Ziploc bag with freezer and then somehow flattened them and put them in the freezer so I can stack them on top of each other. And they're easy to take out and reheat if needed, rather than doing all the work and effort for processing and possibly getting a very mushy end product.

10:55 – I wanted to insert this into this podcast today. I know it was not my typical podcast I've done so far, but I wanted to let you know that next week's will not be my typical podcast. Next week, I'll start a few interviews with this podcast show. And so I will interview different people in the coming week. I'm really looking forward to these podcasts. I am glad that you meet some of these great ladies that I will interview. They have so much knowledge and so many different skills that I think that you will learn so much from them, and I know that I will learn so much from them as well. I hope you enjoyed this podcast today, and you may also have received some ideas or answers to your questions. And I hope you spend this week making the most of what you have

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