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In 15 years of answering reader questions, I've never received one like this:


Dear Scott,

My girlfriend and I are both instructors, and after we read your book, we decided to reach an agreement with our employer to pay the salary.

Six months later I realized that for two years we had not received any of our contributions or indeed one of our super dues!

I hate confrontation, so I wrote our boss a very professional letter in which he asks us both to pay Super in full.

The next day I came to work … and found all our scuba equipment out in the street and an angry dive shop owner who yells and spits in my face telling me to get out!

Months of circumvention – instructed by Fair Work to call the Ombudsman and then the ATO – have failed. It's been a year now and during this time the owner has bought a brand new boat and a Mercedes-Benz!

However, not everything is bad. After reading your book, we saved and bought our first home and then opened our own snorkelling business – where we earn as much as a week in a dive shop.

Her book has changed our lives and we are happier than ever. Maybe it was the best thing that could happen?

Dylan (and Lara)

Hi Guys,

Congratulations on your performance.

But as far as "the best thing that ever happened", I believe you have happy gas in your scuba tank.

Let's be clear: this guy is a crook.

Do not dive, Cobber, he deserves to go to jail. The only time he should remember to wear a snorkel, fins, and wetsuit is by taking a shower in H-Block.

Okay, that's pure fantasy!

For the rest of us, who plays at home, the world works as follows:

You steal $ 100 from the cash register, your boss immediately calls the police and you are charged with a criminal offense.

Your boss steals $ 5,000 and they can … pay it back without even getting slapped.

No seriously.

Next month, the government will introduce a one-time amnesty for bosses who have unpaid super without punishment.

Well, there in 2017 third of Aussies (around 2.85 million people) were chopped off with nearly $ 6 billion in unpaid super according to Industry Super Australia (ISA). It's time to dive deep into finances.

Here you are: "But I work for a big company – they will protect me."

Here I am: "Woolworths".

Let me tell you a few things.

First, I bet that 2,849,990 of those faked by Aussies had absolutely no idea that they were being robbed (the 10 guys who worked for Clive Palmer had a decent notion).

Secondly, almost every one of them got a paycheck in which they said they were had she was paid great.

Here's the thing: do not trust your paycheck … it's as real as a Mercedes driver's.

Instead, trust your super statement.

So I want you to do me a favor this week:

Call your Super Fund and see if the money actually entered your Super Account.

You might be surprised, and if so, please write me how Dylan and Lara did it.

Go your own way!

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