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Salmon Faverolles chickens are stunningly sweet – both in body and personality. Friendly, cuddly and fluffy, they are also great with kids.

Faverolles chickens are available in a wide range of colors, from mahogany, black, buff, blue, blue salmon, cuckoo, ermine, blue laced to splash. In fact, the American Poultry Association recognizes only two colors: white and salmon.

All these colors have the unique properties of the Faverolles, but especially with salmon their colors shine best. If you want to know more about the other types of Faverolles, you can Click here. This article covers everything you need to know about salmon faverolles.

What are Faverolles?

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Faverolles are a French chicken breed. They take their name from the French village of Faverolles, located about 80 kilometers northeast of Paris. There is no record of the genesis of this breed, so no one knows who actually created this breed Hühnerrassebut Houdon, Brahma, Crêve-Cour, Dorking, CouCoo and Cochin are all linked to their origins.

Faverolles were first bred for the dual purpose of eggs and meat.

At the time of their launch in France, they were better able than other races, such as the Houdan, to become tight. This quickly brought them to the top of the poultry market, and in 1886 or 1894 (depending on their source) they found their way across the English Channel. The Faverolles were quickly developed into exhibition standards in England.

They came to the USA in the first years of the 20th centuryth Century and settled in Glens Falls, NY, not far from the state capital Albany. Since then, this docile race has served the Americans in three different ways: as food, for their eggs, and as a show race.

These adorable breed are rare chickens, despite their ability to lay about 200 eggs a year and the fact that roosters can grow up to 8 pounds and chickens up to 6 pounds.

Salmon Faverolles hen on white

5 Amazing Faverolles Chicken Facts

  • They have super soft and fluffy feathers.
  • They are a truly universal breed that serves as excellent laying hens and pretty fowl.
  • They are super cuddly, sociable and love attention and kisses.
  • Roosters and chickens have two different colors: the males are better mixed in color than the two-color females.
  • The word "Faverolles" is French. As a result, the tail "s" is silent, so the pronunciation of singular and plural is "fa-ver-ell" or "fa-ver-oll", although an anglicised "fa-ver-olz" is not unexpected. However, the spelling of singular and plural is both "faverolles".

What do salmon faverolles chickens look like?

Physically, Faverolles are quite unique. The first big difference is their toes. Most chicken breeds have 4 toes, but like SilkiesFaverolles have five toes.

Faverolles also have a beard under their beaks, which gives their appearance a nice layer of lint. Their braids are tiny to nonexistent and they have feathers on their legs.

What is the color of a salmon faverolles hen?

Salmon Faverolles chickens have white to light caramel breasts and underbellys, but carry a vivid splash of color on the hackle, back and wings. The colors of her back are a light pink salmon through a darker bronze. The spread of color could extend across the wing or along the flank, but regardless of the distribution, the bicolor quality of its color is always present in salmon faverolles chickens.

What is the color of a Salmon Faverolles Rooster?

Male salmon faverolles are almost as unique as their tufted ears and fluffy beards. In contrast to the females who have the exquisite caramel on a large vanilla ice cream, the males have a secret weapon: black chocolate feathers.

The average Salmon Faverolles rooster has a thick black beard, chest and chassis. Occasionally, a white beard may match his white (or cream) neck and head. The black color usually fills out his chest and legs and can be separated by more white or she can simply go on through his tail.

Straw splashes or dark straw stretch across his upper wings and recognize his shackles, his back and his saddle. White complements his colors; In addition to serving as a mane around his neck, it sometimes shows a patchy reappearance along his back. Then, in a very cool touch, white serves as a special triangular accent on the triangular tips of his wings.

What is the color of a salmon faverolles chick?

The chicks start as fluffy yellow lint, but as soon as their feathers come in, you will see the salmon replace the yellow color.

Baby Salmon Faverolles Chicken

What other colors appear on a salmon faverolles chicken?

Their faces, their comb and their little stinginess are red. When her coloring reaches her eyes, that too is red. Her single comb is medium-sized with five points.

Faverolles have brown eyes. Her skin and legs are white.

How is Salmon Faverolles different from other Faverolles?

Beyond the color, not very. Faverolles are famous for their curious and family-oriented personalities. These are the types of chickens you want to bring home to your mother and are just as cuddly for kids as they are for adults. Taps are also very friendly, but I would still recommend keeping the children either separated or very well supervised.

Since Faverolles were originally bred for meat and eggs, salmon faverolles are an excellent source of meals. Their eggs are cream-colored and medium in size like the eggs of other color variants.

Salmon Faverolles are amazing birds that bring you a lot of humor, laughter and pleasure. It is a medium-sized bird that has some minor health problems but is easy to manage with frequent controls.

As the most popular Faverolles chicken breed in the US, finding them is not an all too difficult task.

Can I buy Salmon Faverolles Chicks? Where to sell Salmon Faverolles Chicks?

  • Pure poultry, Fremont, WI, offers female, male and asexual salmon faverolles.
  • From Rudd, IAOne-day male, female and asexual salmon faverolles are available at different seasons.
  • There are also regular supplies of salmon Faverolles at My pet chicken in Monroe, CT.

Where can I buy salmon Faverolles chickens?

  • Seasonally from February to July you will find Salmon Faverolles Gackern hatchery in Lebanon, MO.
  • Meyer hatchery in Folk, Ohio, also has seasonal deliveries from Faverolles.

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Salmon Faverolles Chickens manual

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Salmon Faverolles Chickens manual


Salmon Faverolles chickens are funny and easy to pull birds. Here's everything you need to know!


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