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Type for Type: Custom identity design solutions for Victionary

Another month, another summary of Creative Boom's favorite books that you can put on your shelves. As always, we mix it through.

From the history of web design (thanks to Rob Ford for putting together such a detailed overview) and a comprehensive look at three decades from The Designers Republic ™ to what flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers had to offer and more importantly During his career – November has devoured some excellent releases.

A-Z by The Designers Republic ™ of Unit Editions

This wonderful new book by Ian Anderson, the founder of The Designers Republic ™, was released for you by Unit Editions and looks at the studio's output and influence over the last 30 years. From the first designs for the FON label in the mid-1980s to the covers for Age of Chance, Chakk and Cabaret Voltaire, to recent projects for The Cinematic Orchestra, Led Bib and the Gulbenkian Foundation.

In Anderson's words, "You could call it Volume One if it helps, it's not a monograph, it's our idea of ​​what ideas look like – a mix of what you want to see and what we want to see about you hopefully a book on why we're doing what we do with the usual suspects and some suspicious devices, critics can give it an overview – we call it a mission statement. "

Price at £ 85 – Buy the book

A-Z by The Designers Republic ™ of Unit Editions

A-Z by The Designers Republic ™ of Unit Editions

Acid for the Kids: The Autobiography of Floh, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Legend

He is the legendary bassist and co-founder of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The ones that you could not ignore despite the enormous stage presence of Anthony Kiedis. Flea finally unveils his mesmerizing story, complete with everything you'd expect – the "heights" and the gutters of an "LA Street Rat becomes a world-famous rock star." A must for all music fans everywhere.

Price at £ 14 – Buy the book

Type for Type: Custom identity design solutions for Victionary

If you're dealing with custom fonts, Type for Type is Victionary's latest book, which summarizes some of the best creative work in the world. It also features cover stories that provide insights into some of the industry's top design studios, as well as compelling project and technology-related details that inspire designers and customers alike. As you would expect beautifully designed, this is an inspirational reading and ongoing reference.

Price at £ 34.95 – Buy the book

Webdesign: The evolution of the digital world from 1990 to today by Rob Ford

Since its debut in 1990, the Internet has seen over a billion websites. However, they were not always elegant user interfaces. This new book by Rob Ford, pioneer of the Favorite Website Awards, takes us through history and presents the earliest examples of what we take for granted today. From the first site with surround sound to the first feature to upload your face and a YouTube-like page. With annual Factsheets, Google Insights, and author comments, it's a must for anyone who wants to shape the future.

Price at £ 26 – Buy the book

Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World from 1990 to Present by Rob Ford. Courtesy of Rob Ford.

Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World from 1990 to Present by Rob Ford. Courtesy of Rob Ford.

The basics of graphic design by Gavin Ambrose, Paul Harris and Nigel Ball

Fully updated in 2019, this best-selling introduction to graphic design now includes more information on electronic media and screen-based design, including new material on social media, apps and design for the Web, and a new section on digital design tools. But it's not just for students; It is always good to refresh your abilities, no matter how established.

Price at £ 20.76 – Buy the book

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