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On a fateful day about ten years ago, I sat in front of my laptop and wrote the first post for Minimal Student Accept change, As a fresh-faced 18-year-old I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be.

All I knew was that the crowded life that I lived was not for me and I had some things to say about it. Most of it was not particularly enlightening, but after a decade of documenting my thoughts and thoughts, my attitude to life has changed developed with me,

Living with minimalism has taught me a lot. It has shaped who I am and who I will be in the future. I'm glad I discovered it when I did, but if I talked to someone just starting, I'd want to tell him a lot …

1. Minimalism starts with you

If you wake up and realize that things do not work the way they are, that you have to make a change. You decide to take responsibility for achieving what you expect from life. Letting go starts in you first and goes inside out.

2. Suppression stuff is easy, disappointing Life is difficult

Many blogs and Youtube videos about minimalism are about things like tidying up your closet or storing things properly. However, what is not so fashionable is that it is easier to donate a sweater or label box than is the case say no You said so many things in life without thinking about it. Minimalism is about all the things in life that do not make you happy, not just things.

3. Costs and distractions are many

Most people do not think enough about the price they really pay for distractions, Buying too much material not only costs more money or rent / mortgage to build it into your home, it also costs time to earn and all the opportunities you could have had instead. Scrolling through the news or spending time on social media or doing things that do not contribute to your happiness is an emotional burden that people do not even notice.

4. Most things are interchangeable, not the best things in life

If you gave away things that you thought you needed them one day, but in the end, you did not miss them, and if you repeat that a few hundred times, you'll find that these are the things people do work so hard, but do nothing. It really matters in the end. It's the things that you can not buy or that you never get back once you've lost them really valuable,

5. Minimalism is not just there to take away

It's not about getting rid of things so you can have one neat house, It's about making room for the good things in life, those irreplaceable things – memories and experiences that contribute to your happiness, relationships that you would otherwise neglect, and opportunities and lessons that make you a better person ,

6. Minimalism is a philosophy of happiness

With the study and practice of minimalism you will discover the ingredients of happiness – how to find it satisfactionhow to value qualityhow you feel wealthhow to be mindful of little moments. Redefine successand how to be thankful. In fact, learning to be happy is one of the hardest things you can do.

7. Minimalism is an ongoing practice

The first phase of getting out of the cycle of thinking about buying things that make you happy is quite difficult, but once you leave that setting, it will be harder to stay out of the market hedonic treadmill, It does not end with a cleanup weekend. Her practice meets dozens, if not hundreds, of small decisions every day, so as not to return to old habits.

8. Minimalism gives you time

The best thing about minimalism is that it gives you your time back, Where you once worked to pay for chic cocktails or a house or car that is more eye-catching than you can afford, you can now take the time to do things that you enjoy, like caring for yourself or to do things that you like with the people you love.

9. Minimalism gives you freedom

If you Let's take care of you so much From what other people think or prove to you over and over again, the greatest burden you did not know you were carrying throughout your life feels taken away.

10. Minimalism is yours

Their definition and purpose of minimalism are unique and change over time. You do not do anything wrong if you have not less than 100 things or whichever measurement Someone has come up with something. There is no real definition of minimalism as it is different for everyone at different times in their lives. You do not have to follow arbitrary rules to be defined as a minimalist. Minimalism is entirely up to you.

Ten years ago, I started a journey without a destination. To be honest, I still do not know where I am going or where I will be. Minimalism is not a magic wand that should take you to a special place. Rather, it is a perpetual realization that the particular place you are looking for is right here, right now.

Book I'm reading: Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less

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Written by Jessica Dang

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