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Since the online passport application system does not require representation, you can apply for or renew a new Indian passport yourself. As an NRI, you also do not need an agent and can apply for passport renewal as an NRI by the same procedure. But sometimes, especially as an NRI, you are in a tight spot and if you have delays in obtaining your pass, you may need to reschedule flights, extend departures, etc., which is not ideal. You may be stuck trying to determine your options to speed up processing and get your passport soon. Recently, one of our readers, Charan, experienced a similar delay in processing because his passport did not arrive within 10 days. He was able to speed up the process by working with the Regional Passport Office (RPO). Below you will find his experiences and tips to expedite a late passport delivery or to file a complaint. Many thanks to Charan, who took the time to share his experiences with our readers. We really appreciate it! You can share your experiences at the community forum or send an e-mail to redbus2us (at)

Background – Delay in extending my Indian passport:

  • Request renewal of Indian passport on October 16thth at local Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) with normal workmanship.
  • I have to fly on the 2nd of November. I had expected that I would complete the pass renewal in 7 to 10 days and apply under normal conditions instead of tatkal.
  • Even after 5 days in "Passport application is checked at Regional Passport Office." Now I am afraid that I will not get the passport before my departure date and I can not fly with my current passport because it is stamped "Canceled".
  • Below were my options left:
    • We can not cancel the application being processed so that this time I can submit another proposal to tatkal
    • I tried to contact customer service without luck.
    • No ONLINE option to upgrade from Normal to Tatkal
      • Well, for this option, I've heard that we need to visit RPO (not PSK). In my case it is 14 hours drive from where I live. Even though I visit the RPO, I'm sure how to proceed here …

After further research and advice, I will proceed with the following steps

Procedure for speeding up delays in applying for an Indian passport with RPO:

I decided to visit RPO. This time, I do not want to take any chances. So-called customer care to confirm below:

Step 1: Call Customer Service to verify and verify everything:

I wanted to check if people at PSK could do anything with my case:
– Can you cancel the current application to submit a new tatkal application? (No, we have to visit RPO)
– Can you convert / upgrade NORMAL applications to tatkal? (No, we have to visit RPO)
– Is PSK doing something instead of RPO? (No, application has been reviewed by Vizag RPO.)
– Why do I need to visit Vizag RPO if my RPO is Vijayawada, since my file number starts with VJ ***? (He was not sure, but he was sure that I had to visit Vizag, then he gave me Vizag RPO contact number)
– Do I have to make an appointment for a request? (No, we can make a general request between 9:30 am and 1:00 pm For security reasons, I was still trying to book an appointment, but with a bit of luck, it gave me the error message "Selected RPO", ie Vijayawada had not selected the facility another place. * Which we can not *)
– What documents do I have to carry? (I called the Vizag-RPO contact, he was not sure if the documents needed to be carried, but he mentioned that I may need supporting documents to prove urgency.)

Step 2: Visit to the Regional Passport Office (RPO)

After almost 17 hours on the road. On October 23, 19, I was at Vizag RPO at 10:30. Surprisingly, except for a few guards, there was nobody near the RPO office. They took good care of me and helped me. Again, that was not to be expected.
There is a separate floor for Vijayawada RPO requests in this building. And I'm the only visitor there. APO (Assistant Passport Officer) invited me to his room and offered me a seat. After he explained my situation, he did not ask questions (at least I had expected), but just asked my application number and tried to explain why my file was not forwarded.

Reasons for delays in processing passport applications:

He said & # 39;
• When we introduced PSKs, all of our RPO employees were distributed to different ones
PSKs and we lack employees who can approve the normal applications in
fast way.
• Another reason he said was the new passbooks
The production takes place only in the RPOs of Mumbai and New Delhi. And then they are
delivered to other RPOs. "

As he explained these, he only processed my request and said, "You
You will receive your new passport until Wednesday, October 30th 19. I was fine
Then I immediately checked the status on the Passport portal and the status was
changed from "Under review" to "Waiting for print" or similar. Then
I remember my 17-hour journey and my flight to New York on the 3rd of November, I asked
He likes, "What options do I have if I did not receive them by October 30, as I have to?"
fly on the 3rd of November? "
APO: I have not seen any reason why it will be delayed.

Upgrade from regular to tatkal processing for Indian passport:

Me: I understand, but if something goes wrong, it's hard to come back to Vizag. Is there a way to update this current application to tatkal so I can get it in the next few days?
APO: We can do that, but why do you want to spend $ 2k unnecessarily. You will definitely get it until the 30th.
Me: I do not want to take any chances.
APO: Do you have any evidence of urgency?
Me: showed him my New York return tickets.
APO: What was the reason why you wanted to fly to this date?
I have a new job and need to get back to you as soon as possible.
APO: Please mention that you would like to convert your application to tatkal and find out about new job opportunities by requesting a letter and paying 2,000 close to the money counter and receiving the bill.
Me: Wrote the letter with the requested details and paid 2k.

I did not submit a document for my new job, except my return tickets. Since I had no other letters at hand, I only mentioned the details of the job and so on in the requesting letter.

Then he just upgraded to tatkal and then sent a request to print
said, "You will get a new passport tomorrow or the day after tomorrow." He also
gave me the copy of the first page of the new passport with a new passport number. I
said thank you and left his office.

It was an experience at the corporate level. Everything was smooth and all
over there were so professional.

Passport delivered after two days

Today, on October 26, 19, after two days of upgrading to Tatakal, I got my new Indian passport delivered by express mail.

Lessons learned, tips for faster processing:

  • Always go for Tatkal to avoid
    Problems. That's the mistake I made. Tatkal was not available at the local PSK. It was like this
    In my case, check in advance if the process is normal and look for tatkal to avoid this
    any problems like mine.
  • Buffer for 20 to 30 days
    for the passport, if you plan to apply for regular processing as this is possible
  • If you do not see any movement
    If you apply after a week, do not hesitate and visit the next RPO
    and then try to accelerate or convert to Tatkal. You will have a better idea if
    you visit her

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