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Monday: Jan Drexler shared how time management is strong, even for adults! The winner of her selection of booksThe role of the drums or An Amish Christmas kitchenis Mary Preston!

Wednesday: We enjoyed a day of Driving lessons with Lynn Blackburn. Samantha gets her choice of one of the books in Lynn Dive Team Series!

Friday: Debby Giusti Took us on an Italian tour with her blog post "A look at Italy with travel tips for authors". Magnifico !! The winner of Debby's November Love Inspired Suspense, YOUR FORGOTTEN AMISH PASTis Carroll P.! Congratulations, Carroll!

Monday: Erica Vetsch Receives her friend Susan May Warren while we talk about the My Brilliant Writing Planner 2020! Stop by and try it out!
Wednesday: ???
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Friday: Beth is excited to host, Sunrise Publishing! Join us for an educational day!

Missy Tippens will be speaking on Monday, November 4, at 6:30 pm in the Gwinnett County Library's Five Forks Branch. If you are anywhere near, you should definitely come out to support them! More information under

E-Book SALE! Jan's first book in the Amish of Weavers Creek series The Sound of Distant Thunder is available today! Ask your favorite online retailer!

By Debby Giusti
She can not remember who she ran away from.
Is she safe with the Amish?
Someone wants Becca Troyer dead, but who or why is she a mystery. Taking refuge in Amish farmer Zeke Hochstetler is her only hope of being one step ahead of the killer. With every clue to her past that leads to more confusion, Becca and Zeke must unravel the truth before their pursuer finds out where she hid.
Pre-order now Amazon,

Winnie Griggs is pleased to announce that she has a new release on November 1st.

Sawyer Flynn promises to see that the man who murdered his brother pays for his crimes, but keeps him from serving as the sole caretaker of an orphaned child. Sawyer can not do everything – lead his trading folks, take care of the baby and find justice for his brother. He needs help. But Not by Emma Jean Gilley.
When her father escapes from the city after he has killed a man, Emma Jean is alone and takes care of her little brother, but her father's crime has made her a pariah and no one will give her a job. Emma Jean learns what Sawyer needs and lets her enter as a nanny.

Sawyer is outraged by Emma Jean's offer, but he is also desperate and reluctantly agrees to a temporary court case. Collaboration brings understanding and maybe something more. But just as it gets hot between Sawyer and Emma Jean, the specter of her father's crimes threatens to tear her apart forever.

And because I made a mistake while loading on Amazon, the paperback version is now available! You can learn more or order HERE

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