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Yes and no. You can convert blog posts to an ebook, but you can not easily copy and paste on some digital storefronts based on their rules. I've done this a few times for some of my over 100 ebooks on Amazon, Selz and Gumroad. However, you must understand the specific terms of use for the digital business in which you sell the e-book. Amazon is very strict with its rules. For example, the ebook needs to be 90% unique so you can sell it on Amazon. Only 10% can come word for word from your blog or a single blog post.

I found about 10 of my blog posts from Blogging from Paradise and just expanded them into a long-form ebook. I suggest you explore this strategy. But this too depends on the digital storefront. You must be careful when following the rules and making sure that all or most of the content is clear. However, in some digital storefronts, you can easily put a series of blog posts in an e-book. You have to do your homework with the researchers. I remember Jack Canfields Chicken soup for the soul It's basically a collection of ezine articles he's written, of course, with some costumes. Not a bad deal. Create content and turn it into a book that is becoming a best-selling and self-help classic. I like that. However, this would not work because of this 10% content rule on Amazon. Only 10% can be copied while 90% must be clearly created.

For ideas, just scan your favorite blog posts. These posts emit a loud and clear signal that people have enjoyed the content. If you liked the free content, you will probably enjoy the premium content as well, but make sure the ebook is not just a 5000 word style post that you copy and paste. Why would someone buy the ebook if you already wrote a free blog post? Do you understand what I mean? Bundling blog posts into a large ebook might work, but I'd also like to add some unique content for the ebook to spice things up. Even Jack Canfield tied the chapters together and wrote some content for his book.

Her main role as a blogger and self-published author is to fill in the gaps between the chapters of AKA blog posts or to expand the blog post with real content that you write only for the e-book. This means that you write a decent portion of the ebook and add content that you've already created through your blog. I know that some bloggers just want to copy and paste blog posts into a Word document or PDF and publish that jerk, but that does not work. If it would be so easy to write e-books that bring profits, everybody would do it and we would all be millionaire authors. However, you need some writing skills and you need to add unique content to the eBook itself to ensure flow and continuity, and to differentiate it from your free blog posts. Especially if you have a decent fan base reading all of your content, these people are not happy if they just bought something that you've already published for free on your blog. If a new follower of your blog buys your ebook first, reads your blog posts, and finds that you've already published them for free, you lose credibility in their eyes.

I think what I mean by that is that you spend a decent amount of time writing an e-book and then adding content from your blog if you choose this path. Personally, I would just extract a small section of one or two blog posts and then write the entire e-book. Do a short reading. 5000 to 10,000 words or a little bit longer fits well in the Amazon short reading category for 30 minutes to 45 minutes in terms of reading time. I hit the sweet spot well with over 100 e-books.


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