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Best regards! I'm writing this as I watch Lake Monona at the Wisconsin Music Education Conference 2019 in Madison, Wisconsin. I use personal days to present two sessions on ukulele while I am here, and the sessions were organized / planned by Peripole for me.

As I mentioned earlier, elementary technology is more immediate to me as I teach elementary education now. I saw a number of plastic instruments from Nuvo and decided to buy two of them. The first is the Nuvo Recorder +, which is equipped with silicon pads to help students who may not be able to cover their holes with their fingers.

It's a great idea and reasonably priced (about $ 15). It may not sound as good as the Peripole Halo, but it serves a different purpose.

The other item is the Nuvo Dood, a reed instrument with a recorder handle. The tube is made of plastic and I can not wait to play on it. As a brass player I have never owned a reed instrument, so I am for me … and my coinage needs help!

I made a short video … and uploaded it here on site. I hope it has been uploaded correctly and the link works!

If you're at the convention, find me and say hello! At 10 o'clock tomorrow I have another meeting in the rooms M to P.

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