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Introverts struggle in many public situations, especially those with a crowd of
Strangers. We can usually fake it until we make it, and we can also do a decent job
to be social when circumstances require, but it takes a toll on us.
At the moment, it can cost a lot of us to have the courage to break out of it
our shells, even if nobody else sees.

My story:

After an unpleasant exchange with three authors whose personalities are much larger than mine, I told them that I am introverted. The most vocal author, the
practically enlightened by extrovertism, gave another author a look that said:
"Ha! Do you believe that?"
I noticed this exchange, which only overwhelmed me even more. I did not want to be at that moment
There. I did not want to be at this table. I wanted to be home and make myself comfortable
Zone, my safe place, far from it looks like it.
Instead, I turned a little more
Courage and did not allow me to let go of that look without addressing it,
something I would have done when I was younger. I looked at both authors
Her eyes let her know that I noticed her exchange and said, "I'm pretending
very well. "I did not owe them an explanation.
I had some unpleasant moments with me
This vocal author was together during an event in which we four participated. For example, I shared my author with my first introduction to the readers
Slogan; I was the only one who did that. Next time, however, the voice
The author shared her authoring day, which sounded very similar to mine. By doing
For the moment I could not help but believe that she did it purposely (because she went before me). There were a few
more embarrassing moments that I wanted to play with laughter and jokes
Myself, but it did not help how I felt.

This other author and me
did not fit well in this situation, which is funny because we were both
The first at our table and we talked and got along well. Then things
It changed when the other two authors joined us.

In order to…

How do you deal with it?
Situations in which your introversion meets another person's

I count to three
Inhaling and exhaling three can calm our thoughts and help us to maintain ourselves
our serenity.
You know the saying
"Kill her with kindness"? Well, being the bigger person really works. In order to,
Smile what you mean. Not only do you use your goodness to fight them
unpleasant situation, but you fool it too, until you make it, and there is nothing
wrong with that.

No matter how annoyed or
you get overwhelmed, or how uncomfortable things feel, play it out. I know, I
I felt uncomfortable with this other author, but I even joked carefree
at your own expense, to bring me through these cases. And the readers had
also no idea.

4th Give the other person the benefit of the doubt
The extrovert is not allowed
Know how they affect you and may not go wrong
Eyes. Realize that the person is in this way in life and for all. If you
If you accept that, you will be able to deal with every situation of that person.
5th Give yourself a break
You can not be the only one
Person in this situation, whose introversion pushes against this person
Extrovertismus. Others might feel the same way. You are more than anything
As an introvert perform well, get out there and do what you need to do.
No matter how you feel with someone you can not cope with, give yourself one
break. Tap on the back to leave your safe place.
To ignore someone
They only seem cold, childish or even worse … rude. You do not want people to do it
I think you are one of those things. It is better to recognize the other person
by smiling (Do # 2) or by playing (Do # 3).
Second Show that your feathers are curled
The moment you show it
Trouble, they are called "the problem"
Take a deep breath (Do # 1) and do something else that allows it
You should sit discreetly and not show how full you are
When I had to hide mine
Annoyingly, I signed all of my printed loot that I would hand over
The readers pretended not to know what was going on around me.
Take a moment for yourself
itself too. Even if you have to apologize politely for using it
Toilet. Do it! After a quiet minute you are even better.
Say something rude or
Snippets only contaminate your image in the eyes of everyone else
Whatever the recipient of your words says. Try one or all instead
tactic mentioned above (breathe, search for a lonely minute, smile, play it out.)
While at a social event,
You may have the urge to complain to someone else about this person, but I caution you not to. You never know who is friends with this person,
and the last thing you want is that your complaints return to that person,
Who would not have thought what happened, or could have thought otherwise?
This will make you a "problem" again, and you could do it
with consequences that are greater than your own feelings.
When we are overwhelmed,
we can withdraw into ourselves. Do not sit there with your arms crossed and sulk
to stew in your anger or on the verge of tears. Interact with others
around you. Someone. This will show your good side to everyone else.
At the end of it
Interacting with a strong extrovert or a social situation, your energy becomes
to be exhausted. That's the thing about being introverted. These things really can
take it out of us We need time (this can be days) to replenish what we do
So take as much time as you need. And for putting you out there and
I survive this strong extrovert and say, "Proud of you, introvert, proud of you!
ASK: Are you introverted? Have you ever had one?
unpleasant personal exchange with someone more extrovert than you? As
Did you feel at that moment and how did you handle it?

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