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By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

I'm going to another conference this week and I'm looking forward to it
I am looking forward to it for several reasons. Our work in publishing as a writer and
Editors is isolated. Yes, I work with mine Morgan James Publishing
Colleagues to get contracts to negotiate with agents and authors and
Book deals. I work for a New York publishing house and still live in Colorado. The majority
My work is done on the phone and by email rather than face to face. It is that
The same applies to my paperwork. The work is often done on my computer or phone
as face to face. Yes, there are some of these physical meetings, but not
often. Every day I set my own schedule for calls, meetings and
many other tasks. Conferences are a chance to break the routine and do something

A conference is an opportunity for me to rejoin old people
friends. I've been to some of these events for years and got to know each other
notable editors, writers, and people in other roles in this business. Follow this
Link to a list of different conferences
I know that first hand and recommend.

Conferences are an opportunity to learn about what they are doing, even if it's just that
for a few minutes. Also at these events I meet new writers and editors,
exchange business cards with them. From my experience, many of the people who
attend these conferences, come to their first event. I know some of it
These new relationships will be important for my future work. Why?
Because I have seen this kind of connection in my past again and again
To travel.

While I read journals and online newsletters and others
Conferences give me the opportunity to learn more about publications
other changes in the business (maybe something that has not been in one
Publication) or listen to others what they need for their publication or
are looking for. These conversations move the information beyond something
Print something practical that I could possibly do. There is a lot of that
Type of giving and taking during a conference, be it at a meal or late at night
a hotel lobby or any number of other locations.

These conferences also give me a chance to give something back to others
and to teach. I teach a few workshops at the conference this year
Week. I've prepared my flyers and resources for this course and I believe it will be
Help the scribes in my workshop when they show up and take with them
Action on the various resources I will give them.

Another reason I love these conferences is because I meet people who they are
looking for a publisher. I will hold a series of one-to-one interviews
during the conference with writers. I will be able to listen to them
Pitches and look at their work and give them some of the differences Morgan James
, I met a bunch of people I could at these events
to help them to put their work into pressure – our exchanges are

I understand that there is a challenge for every writer to find one
from these events – whether they are big events or small events. They have
Challenges regarding:

* cost. Each of these events has a financial
Cost of the conference fee, hotel, transportation, meals etc.

* Time. These conferences will take you away from
Your current work and things pile up on the go. Some of these events are
long and others are short, but they still consume time.

* Effort. Some people need to arrange childcare
or pet care or other details to become free and go to these

From my years of experience at events and conferences,
I know that they are worth every effort to master the challenges. It is important
emerge, learn and apply the information you obtain to your writing life. I
If you know that these events will lift your writing to a new level.

What's in it for you to go to a conference? How did it increase?
Your letter? Let me know in the comments below.


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