I wore something at Mziki True Entertainment's Battle Of The Decks Challenge Writing

Last Friday, Club Sands was awesome at the Adlife Plaza for #BattleOftheDeck's bout. First-class DJs in Nairobi fought for a prize of 20,000 Kes. No, nobody sat down for more than 2 minutes, we danced until the early morning hours.

It started to rain early on that day and I wanted to dress sexy and noble, but very warm. A tie and jeans paired with the die A casual polka dots top in contrast to blue stilettos and a luxurious burgundy coat rounded off my outfit for the night.

It was not too tight and not too loose somehow outfit. Perfect for the ease of dancing.

There were 10 DJs fighting for the ultimate prize. DJ Volatyl was crowned the winner by the spectators and the acclaimed DJ. e

DJ E, DJ Volatyl and Gathambo

The Kenya Talent Show by Mziki True Entertainment is one of the events that take place every Friday and you should not miss it. The show will be hosted by the entertainment rulers, who will be interviewed and perform live. Since the beginning of the show The Kansoul, Wyre, the Liebeskind, Jua Kali himself, Nameless and many more have participated.

I am writing this article from Club Sands. The Sunday brunch is in progress and the Kansoul will be on site for Nyama Choma while we watch football (Man U Vs Liverpool) and later enjoy some music. Dr. Eddie, the renowned music producer and founder of Mziki True Entertainment, is also in the building. It's all about networking and fun. Which team do you support? I support Liverpool all the way.

Dr. Eddie renowned audiovisual producer in Kenya

Mziki true entertainment is all about promoting young talents. Every Friday at Club Sands Adlife Plaza.

Come, have fun and network with us.

Here are more pictures for last Friday

Nimmo the Mziki True Entertainment Mc
Martin Mziki True Entertainment founder and Sasha the musician
Dj E and Dr. Eddie

Thanks for coming over.

If you are near Kilimani, visit us for Sunday brunch. Also follow Club Sands and Mziki True Entertainment Company for information on all events and just have a good time with great music and ambience.

Cheers 🥂.

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