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Theoretically, the human body lowers its temperature during sleep. in the factHowever, for many people, their body temperature drops by as much as 2 degrees Fahrenheit while they are gently napping. Personally, when I sleep, I get colder –much colder. I want to be chiseled out of a block of ice in the morning, but I also refuse to give up the menagerie of blankets under which I sleep. Oh, it's a complicated life, this one!

To make matters worse, I share my bedroom with a partner whose body temperature fluctuates at night between "fever" and "interior of a stove". I once saw our daughter trying to fry a marshmallow on his back, only to run aghast when he caught fire.

As such, we are puzzled: how exactly should we keep the bed cool enough so that it will not be reduced to an ash pile at night and keep it comfortable enough for me to maintain my blanket igloo? As it turned out, the answer consisted of several sheets.

When I was sent The Regulator Sheets of My Sheets Rock For verification, I was skeptical at first. After all, I have been on this planet for about 1,000 years – one would hope that I know how to buy suitable sheets. How naive I was.

From the outside, these sustainably produced bamboo rayon panels look pretty normal. My set was white (they are also available in navy, sand, cream and stone), it matched my bed and it did not seem to be haunted by an old curse – a good start right after unpacking. I washed and dried them (they left a bit more lint in my dryer than the average bedding set, I know life is full of victims) and put them on my bed. I was on the best path of my life – you will not believe what happened next.

Hoax! I slept like my cat as she curled up on my laptop – comfortable, serene and with an angry intensity that would definitely make me miss a deadline. While I've bought bamboo panels in the past, they were undoubtedly the softest I've ever slept on. They have a silky quality, but without the unbelievably unpleasant feeling that silk sheets sometimes adhere to your skin (is this a problem for others, do I need a better moisturizer?).

They are probably wondering if they are keeping their promises for temperature regulation. The good news? They do. My husband, whom I've heard complaining about the cost of toothpaste, liked her so much that he wanted to buy another pair. As for the company's other claims, they are indeed lightweight, stretchy and breathable. And although I can not testify that they are moisture-wicking or moisture-regulating (I'm not a scientist!), Or that they have a birthday suit (I work here, people) or that they minimize the stench (shower before bed, you pagans), They are really excellent sheets. If you do not agree, My leaves rock Do you have a 90-day money back guarantee? Sweet Dreams!

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